Posted on 15th April, 2015


What can you expect to see from OPPO at the upcoming SOUND & VISION Festival at AudioTrends, Melbourne May 29th - 31st?

OPPO have a well-deserved reputation for producing the world's finest Blu-ray and universal disc players and they have a raft of awards to back that up. Every product is a result of years of research and development. If the final result doesn't meet OPPO's high standards, it won't be released. Simple.

To the surprise of many, OPPO recently expanded their range to include a family of headphones and both a desktop and a portable headphone amplifier and DAC. The head-fi range has already won numerous awards, including the PM-1 being awarded EISA's headphone of the year for 2014.

In fact StereoNET reviewed the entire headphone range recently and concluded they look timeless and elegant, are built to an incredibly high standard, are exceptionally comfortable and deliver unmatched sound quality.

This combination, in my opinion, is simply unbeatable. If you can afford the PM-1, just buy it. You will be purchasing the best sounding headphones that I’ve ever heard for the money. I think that you will agree.

At the SOUND & VISION Festival, OPPO will be showcasing their universal disc players with a focus on DACs, Darbee and streaming technology as well as a rundown and demonstration of the entire audio range.

For more information on the SOUND & VISION Festival, proudly supported by StereoNET, visit

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