SOUND & VISION Festival - Isotek

Posted on 15th April, 2015

SOUND & VISION Festival - Isotek

What can you expect to see from Isotek at the upcoming SOUND & VISION Festival at AudioTrends, Melbourne May 29th - 31st?

Clean Power, Pure Sound…

The first input into any audio or AV system is electricity. It flows through the system, utilised by each component in turn to create the signal that eventually moves the speakers’ drive units or delivers the pixels on-screen. What we see and hear is ultimately fashioned from, and by, mains electricity – it is the ‘raw material’ from which the ‘art’ is created.

Joining the SOUND & VISION Festival across all three days is Isotek’s International Product Trainer Bjørn Hegelstad. Coming direct from the Munich's High End Audio Show to deliver demonstrations, on show will be their entry level DISCOVERY Series right up to their new MOSAIC Series launching the new Mosaic Genesis, a hybrid conditioner combining IsoTek’s ultimate sine wave generation as well as high-current circuits.

So come to the show and get up real close and personal and experience the “IsoTek effect”! 

For more information on the SOUND & VISION Festival, proudly supported by StereoNET, visit

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