Posted on 11th April, 2019


A legion of Australian Rega retailers is participating in a gilt-edged turntable trade-in promotion that will shave hundreds of dollars off the price of every turntable in Rega’s vast range.

This not-to-be-missed promotion kicks off on 13th April 2019 just in time to celebrate this year’s Record Store Day, and it concludes on the 12th May 2019.

That’s ample time for turntable devotees to check their turntable and decide that it may well be time to snare a spanking new, audiophile quality Rega vinyl spinner.

As well as being opportune, this promotion is very generous and inclusive. To avail yourself of this tantalising offer all you need to do is trade in your old turntable, and you could save up to $500 of the price of a new Rega turntable. That’s what we call generous.

As for inclusive, you can trade in any brand of turntable in any condition, and it will attract an ample discount.

Trade-in values vary depending on your selection and choice of a new Rega. But as a guide, trade-in values vary from $100 knocked off the RRP of a Planar 1 and up to a hefty $500 off the RRP on the new Planar 8 fitted with the Apheta 2 moving coil cartridge.

Every model in Rega’s turntable range is included in this attractive trade-in promotion.

While turntables that are cared for can enjoy years of trouble-free service, they do age and tire over time. Yes, belts can be replaced easily and readily, but the same can’t be said for a well-worn bearing or motor.

If you bought Rega’s first turntable called the Rega Planet in 1973, it will have given you 46 years of blissful enjoyment; such is the legendary longevity of all Rega turntables. But after half a century of continuous use, it will probably be opportune for you to consider trading-in and trading up.

The sonic gains will be clearly audible for those that do. A new turntable will have rock-solid stability and will spin at precisely 45 or 33 1/3 RPM without a jot of deviation from those speeds. 

And compared to the old tonearms of the past, all Rega turntables are fitted with sophisticated Rega designed and crafted tonearms that are guaranteed to have a performance light years beyond the average older tonearm.

A casual audition of any current turntable is all the proof you’ll need.

For more information visit Rega.


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