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At an exclusive event held at the Sydney Cricket Ground this week, Samsung unveiled its 2019 range of televisions and soundbars.

The star of the show, Samsung's new 8K Q900 was kept under wraps until they had introduced the rest of their 2019 range of televisions and soundbars.

The RU7100 is Samsung’s new entry-level range of televisions, which is available in sizes of 43” ($899), 50” ($1,249), 55” ($1,499), 65” ($1,999) and 75” ($3,099). 

All of Samsung’s 2019 televisions come with Samsung’s ‘One Remote Control' enabling users to access a range of devices from a single remote.

Sitting just below Samsung’s QLED televisions is the RU8000 range, which is available in 55” ($1,899), 65” ($2,699) and lounge dominating 82” ($5,499) models.

Samsung has upped their ‘TV smarts’ with the addition of Bixby, Google Assistant, Amazon and Apple Airplay 2 (which will be available in the second half of 2019), to their RU8000 and QLED range. 

Furthermore, select models in Samsung’s 2019 range will receive a firmware update making them compatible with Apple TV+ app by the middle of the year.

Samsung’s entry-level QLED is the Q60, which is available in sizes of 55” ($2,299), 65” ($3,299), 75” ($4,699) and 82” ($6,999).

All of Samsung’s QLED televisions feature Quantum dot technology, which is capable of producing a wider range of colours and increased brightness. Likewise, all of Samsung’s televisions are HDR10+ compatible. 

Moving up to the Q75 range, which is available in 55” ($2,299), 65” ($4,099) and 75” ($5,899), brings with it local dimming and a notable improvement in black levels.

The Q80 range, will be available in 55” ($3,899), 65” ($5,299) and 75” ($7,699) versions and feature Samsung’s slim fit wall mount and next generation ‘ambient mode’. 

Samsung’s clear ‘one-connect cable’ will be available on selected models, eliminating the need for a multitude of cables. Along with its slim-fit wall mount, the Q80 is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Heading up Samsung’s 2019 range of 4K QLED’s is the Q90, which is available in 65” ($6,499), 75” ($9,399) and 82” ($11,799) models. Samsung touts the Q90 as “The Ultimate Movie Experience.”

While that may be the case, the jewel in the crown of Samsung’s 2019 range is undoubtedly its 8K Q900 QLED television. Available in 65” ($9,999), 75” ($12,999) and 82” ($17,499) models, the Q900 is capable of producing HFR (High Frame Rate) sources of up to 8k 60 fps (frames per second).

The full range of Samsung 2019 televisions including the 8K Q900 will be available from major retailers on the April 1st 2019.

Much of the focus may have been on the Q900; however, Samsung’s range of 2019 soundbars also made their presence both heard and felt. To complement their range of QLED televisions, Samsung has introduced a range of ‘Q’ soundbars with model numbers akin to their QLED televisions.

In all, there are four sound bars in the ‘Q’ range, which is comprised of the HW-Q60R/XY ($799), HW-Q70R/XY ($1,099), HW-Q80R/XY ($1,499) and the range-topping HW-Q90R/XY ($1,999). Except for the HW-Q60R/XY, all of the ‘Q’ range of soundbars are Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible.

Samsung also offers a more budget-friendly range of soundbars, comprised of the HW-R450/XY ($349), HW-R550/XY ($549) and HW-R650/XY ($699). 

We're ready and primed to put some of the range through its paces so watch this space.

For more information visit Samsung.


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