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Making a splash in recent times as a newcomer to the NZ audio landscape is Auckland’s Soundwe NZ. Having secured the Amari and Holo Audio brands for local representation, they are now bringing the acclaimed Purist Audio Design range of cables, adapters and power distribution products to market.

This American company had a fairly typical start; beginning its life in a garage at the back of founder Jim Aud’s home – As we know, Apple started in exactly the same fashion.

At that stage, the fledgling cable maker was a part-time affair but word spread and demand grew, so he decided to go full time with Purist Audio in 1986.

A lifelong Hi-Fi aficionado, Jim originally served in the US Airforce and after his service, he went on to work for technology-based companies such as RadioShack, Westinghouse, and finally Texas Nuclear where he studied Nuclear Physics.

These days Jim is still very much in charge of Purist Audio Design, its products and their design, and making it a family affair his daughter Kimberly joined some years ago as Chief Financial Officer – one of few women with a leadership role in high-end audio worldwide.

Jim has been a true audio cable innovator - the first to implement fluid shielding with the Aqueous cable (aka the Texas Water Cable), the first Cryomag©-treated cables and custom netted sleeving, the first to introduce a system enhance and so on.

Purist Audio Design has won many awards for their products - The Absolute Sound, AV Showrooms, Audio Oasis and HiFi+ to name but a few.

Unlike some competitors, Purist Audio manufacture all their cables by hand in the USA, which really is something to crow about in this age of globalisation and cost-cutting.

StereoNET was advised by Eric Poon of Soundwe that they will be ranging the complete offerings available from singled end interconnects, balanced interconnects, speaker cables to USB, Ethernet cables plus power distribution. The first shipment will be landing in due to arrive shortly, including the 25th Anniversary Interconnect – an acclaimed reference cable that is said to offer performance to rival any on the market.

We cable addicts at StereoNET can’t wait to savour these fine hand-made examples of high-end cable art, so stay tuned for our review.

For more information visit Purist Audio Design.


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