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Anniversaries are always a special occasion and to celebrate 20 years in business, Auckland based Parmenter Sound have unleashed its 20th Anniversary Edition valve line stage preamplifier.

Jason Parmenter explained that the new pre is an evolution of the three previous designs he has brought to market since 2010, and it draws on the experience and lessons learned from its predecessors.

He went on to explain that the main design focus when developing the preamplifier was to offer a live sounding presentation, with realistic dynamic drive to the power amplifiers.

Its 600-Ohm output impedance means that it’ll maintain low noise signal over long cable distances (both balanced and unbalanced), even if the power amplifiers have low input impedance.

High sensitivity horn owners (including owners of Parmenter’s own legendary ‘Fat Boys) should take note: the Anniversary Pre has an extremely quiet noise floor, making it a perfect match for owners of this type of transducer.

The 20th Anniversary Pre is an all handmade design with point-to-point hard wiring throughout, four single-ended RCA inputs/one output along with two x Balanced XLR inputs/one x output.

The excellent and proven ALPS ‘Blue Beauty’ volume potentiometer is employed along with a superb Seiden selector switch - all top quality stuff.

Valve output tubes are 2 x 6C45 indirectly heated triode and the Valve rectifier 1 x 5Y3 tube.  

All transformers are shielded in individual cases.

Jason Parmenter told StereoNET:

The best discovery I've recently made is the new 6c45 tube. This little monster is able to dissipate 8w, has insignificant noise and 900ohm Rp (!). From the first moment I saw the specifications I’ve recognised this will be the new millennium tube.

The first Single-ended triode power amplifier I made back in 2000/2001 used the 6C45 for the output tube for evaluation trials before I changed to the 45 Triode.

Parmenter Sound’s 20th Anniversary Edition Valve Line Stage Preamplifier ($20,000) is handmade to order and as such will take four months to build. Get your order in now to own a piece of audio history.

For more information visit Parmenter Sound.

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