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Making an extremely eye-catching jump into the NZ vinyl marketplace is the Slovenian company MAG-LEV Audio.

Its ML1 turntable features a striking design utilising magnetic levitation to isolate the platter from the motor completely. Borne from a Kickstarter campaign, MAG-LEV has now gone into full production with the ML1, and it is now available in NZ.

It was so obvious, wasn’t it? Motor-borne vibration and resonance travel up from the motor unit (or drive system) of a turntable, creating annoying rumble and increasing surface noise.

Outboard motors are a partial answer to this problem, but there’s no avoiding the physical connection between motor and platter – it’ll either be a belt, an idler wheel, or the motor driving the platter directly (aka direct drive).

No such issue exists with the MAG-LEV ML1. Powerful magnets allow the platter to float above the plinth – the only contact point being the cartridge stylus. 

It makes for a dramatic aesthetic, but it’s not all about looks: MAG-LEV Audio have equipped the ML1 with the well regarded Pro-Ject Audio 9CC carbon fibre tonearm, a high tech platter comprised of ABS plastic and glass fibre, quality RCA connectors and custom-made high-end cables. Plus there's a real wood veneer finish as an option. 

Topping the package off is Ortofon’s popular OM10 moving magnet cartridge. MAG-LEV advise against using moving coil designs because of the strong magnets used in the ML1, so goodies such as the moving magnet Ortofon 2M Black cartridge are specified as a strong upgrade item for prospective purchasers.

Keeping the platter rotating at a constant 33/3 or 45 RPM is a custom-made speed controller that keeps the magnetic coil drive in check, while LED lights placed under the platter create a stunning halo effect when the lights are turned down low.

The MAG-LEV ML1 is available now from Audio Reference and sells in New Zealand for $4500, including cartridge. An optional dust cover is also available for $200 RRP.

For more information, please visit MAG-LEV Audio.


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