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Headphone specialists Kennerton Audio Equipment have forged an excellent reputation amongst European Head-Fi aficionados for its range of dynamic and planar magnetic cans.

Kennerton’s parent company, Fischer Audio Engineering, was established in 2006 by Valentin Kazanzhi in St. Petersburg, Russia, and promptly set about manufacturing headphones for the budget conscious audiophile. Its subsidiary, Kennerton, has been let loose further up the headphone food chain with a swathe of luxury headphones, cables and other accessories.

And a luxury brand it is. Kennerton manufactures its headphone creations by hand using real timber for the earcups, beautiful lambskin leather and aerospace grade aluminium and steel in its facility in Russia, and it’s here where their bespoke dynamic and planar magnetic drivers are also produced.

Alexander Van Der Linde of Auckland's Computer Lounge sampled the Kennerton range while attending the Munich HiFi show in May this year, and was so impressed with their combination of build and sound quality that he decided to sign the dotted line and become their official NZ importer/distributor.

Here’s what Computer Lounge is introducing us eager Head Fi’ers in NZ to ...

Kennerton Thror

The all-new range-topping Thror (RRP $5,999.95) uses planar magnetic drivers to create outstanding resolution, exceptional tonal balance and a perfect sound scene. A new 80mm planar-magnetic driver has been designed specifically for the Thror, with every aspect of this technology being implemented, such as phase coherence, flat impedance and a low-mass diaphragm.

It uses a multi-layer 10µm polyimide film diaphragm, tested to have the highest reliability and longevity in the most extreme environmental conditions, and a FEM-Optimized Magnet System with ten neodymium magnets arranged in symmetric push-pull configuration.

Unique semi-circular bar magnets are employed with many advantages over the ordinary rectangular shaped bar magnets: It gives a more uniform magnetic field, dramatically reduces internal resonances and produces an optimal sound.

These prestige headphones will be available with earcups constructed from 2090 year old Bog Oak wood, and as a sweetener, Computer Lounge will bundle a high-end 1.2m Kimber AXIOS HB headphone cable valued at $3799.00 RRP for a limited time.

Kennerton Thridi

Previous flagship Thridi (also known as Odin mk3 - RRP  $4,999.95) also packs planar magnetic technology and is described by Kennerton themselves as having the “airy and extremely detailed sound of an electrostatic driver, and combining it with the power and impact of dynamic transducers.”

Thridi will be available in three wood finishes Sapele, Zebrano and Sipio, while a fourth wood earcup finish in Pale Moon Ebony will be available for a limited time – once these sell they will no longer be available in this wood choice. Get in quick and purchasers will receive a 2.0m Kimber AXIOS CU headphone cable worth $1589.95 RRP for a limited time with any of the aforementioned wood earcup choices.

Kennerton Vali

Kennerton’s open-back Vali (RRP $1,699.95) uses the company’s own 50mm paper/laminated film composite dynamic drivers – developed with the goals of lessening weight, improving stiffness and providing high internal damping (minimal resonance/vibration).

Kennerton explains that these factors give Vali “a lively, natural sound, that finely strikes in the balance of neither being too dark and congested, nor overly bright and sharp. Its sound signature is wide and open, yet clear and powerful, befitting the best qualities from a dynamic headphones.”

Available with beautiful varnished Peruvian Walnut earcups, the Vali is once again constructed with the same superb materials – lambskin, aerospace grade aluminium and steel. A high quality detachable 4-pin mini XLR cable with OFC USSR-military use Litz wire further ensure a clear, undistorted audio signal from the headphones.

Kennerton Magister Pro

Magister Pro (RRP $1,099.95) is described by Kennerton as Hi-Fi grade monitor headphones, and the company’s high-end closed back design.

This design utilises a high-quality 42mm driver with a composite Mylar diaphragm, which is then further strengthened with a titanium coating. The end result according to Kennerton is a weight saving of around 15% when compared with other current models, leading to high impulse characteristics, and finally resulting in crystal clear sound quality.

Accompanying Magister Pro is Kennerton’s own high-quality 2m length cord made from OFC wires, this is terminated with a high-quality gold-plated mini-jack and ¼” stereo adapter.

These will be available with luscious 2090 year old Bog Oak earcups and should sell like hotcakes at this price.

This video provides an overview of the manufacturing process (and sublime build quality) of Kennerton’s Magister headphone.

Rounding out this impressive launch is the (extremely) limited edition Stor headphone (RRP $999.95).

Only 25 units of this open-back design are being produced, and it looks to be a goodie – Stor features 40mm drivers, real wood earcups, high-quality Swiss-made mini-XLR connectors, internal wiring constructed exclusively with rare vintage USSR military-grade Litz cables, natural skin headband, detachable OFC cable, and the same almost fanatical attention to detail with its build quality.

Oh yes, finally - those new headphones won’t look as good plonked on the desk in front of you. Do your new cans a favour by considering Kennerton’s Praetor Headphone Stand in Antique/Burgundy/Ebony/Natural/Whitewashed: (RRP $179.95). The Praetor stand looks a million bucks, and it’ll keep your precious headphone investment from getting scuffed or scratched.

StereoNET has secured a few pairs of Kennerton headphones for review when they land. Stay tuned!

Kennerton Audio Equipment is expected to land in New Zealand in the second week of October 2018. We can’t wait!

For more information please visit Kennerton Audio Equipment.


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