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New Zealand's Java Hi-Fi, founded by Martin Bell, Shane Inder and Martin Young, will be well represented at the Melbourne International HiFi Show in Australia next month.

Crossing the Tasman for the show, you only have a to take a brief look at the at the exquisitely styled JAVA LDR Preamplifier, and you know what many of us already believe: Australian and New Zealand Hi-Fi manufacturing and design is world class, and then some.

JAVA Hi-Fi will have a full range of their LDR preamplifiers on demonstration in room 1206 at this year’s show that runs across three days, November 3rd - 5th 2017 in Albert Park, Melbourne.

The preamps will be paired with other electronics from Audio Fidelity's distribution portfolio, while the speakers will come from none other than Australia's SGR Audio along with fellow Aussies, Holton Precision Audio, and their high-end amplifiers.

JAVA Hi-Fi tells us the LDR pre-amplifier is creating quite a buzz in the media earning an accolade as one of 202 world-changing Kiwi innovations in Penguin’s soon to be published book, No.8 Re-Charged.

Established in 2016, the launch was enabled by a well-received crowdfunding campaign that raised NZ$50,000 for the company’s inaugural model, the LDR pre-amplifier.

White Java Double Shot

The LDR’s circuit is unique and uses Light Dependent Resistor Technology to isolate the signal path from other control electronics.

It also allows the delicate audio signal to have the shortest, cleanest possible route from input to output.

The LDR pre-amplifier is said to reproduce music with incredible levels of realism. It’s also no slouch when reproducing subtle detail and listeners are often startled to hear music they know well endowed with layers of micro detail they’d not heard before.

Tonally, the LDR is said to present music, voices, and instruments with a rich and life-like tonal quality. Listening via the LDR is natural, and the music flows unforced from the system leaving music lovers with a performance close to the original.

The styling of the LDR pre-amplifier is fresh and uncluttered. Real, sustainable birch plywood has been used instead of traditional mahogany. As for the manufacturing, the LDR is built with additive manufacturing processes rather than injection moulded.

The LDR’s casework is CNC machined from a solid block of laminated birch plywood before being hand-finished by a luthier for a final artisan touch of luxury.

Java Walnut Rear

The LDR can be ordered with a variety of inputs/outputs, wood finishes, and casework colours to give buyers a choice of 50 customisable combinations.

JAVA Hi-Fi says its LDR model is a perfect blend of form, function, and sound. Moreover, it's avpailable in three strengths: Single Shot AU$2895, Double Shot AU$3795 and Triple Shot AU$4750.

The casework comes in a choice of natural birch, dark walnut, and graphite. The front panel comes in a choice of three colours and finishes: espresso (black), ristretto (red), or latte (white).

Special introductory pricing is reserved for visitors throughout the show. They can expect a discount of up to $1000 off the RRP.

For those making the trip, Show Organisers have announced free tickets for New Zealand residents. You'll get to see Java HiFi up close and personal in Room 1206.

Contact Melbourne International HiFi Show for tickets, and for more information visit Java HiFi.

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