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Attention music lovers and audiophiles! You’re in for a treat as leading hi-fi specialist store, Audio Reference, teams up with Australia’s Mark Dohmann to present you with an event that promises to be a treat for your eyes and ears.

This special event is courtesy of Audio Reference, a store that’s been a leading hi-fi destination for discerning audiophiles and newcomers to the wonderful world of audio for decades and decades.

Audio Reference is holding this very special event to showcase its extensive range of audio desirables, and two of the world’s best turntables called the Helix 1 and Helix 2, both designed by Dohmann.

But the events are also a handy opportunity for audio buffs and music lovers to visit Audio Reference’s new Devonport showroom, which is class-leading in its appointment and range of audio video equipment.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Mark Dohmann, the man is accruing a legendary global profile. Dohmann was part of the design team that created the uber expensive Continuum turntable system.

With all that experience Dohmann wanted to give audiophile the same kind of quality and performance at more affordable prices. The result is his two new turntables.

Those attending this showcase of audio excellence will also have a chance to snare some real bargains as Audio Reference has put together some wonderfully enticing audio bargains for the event.

Just some examples include the slinky Brodmann Acoustics Vienna Classic VC7 speakers $15,995, the AQUA La Voce S2 high-end DAC $2995, the Ayon Stealth Tube DAC-pre $2250, the EAT E-Glo Reference Tube 2-box phono stage, and the latest Canton GLE 496.2 active speakers.

The prices on all these components and way too much to list here, have all been pared back.

The evening will give guests an opportunity to hear Tannoy’s new Legacy Cheviot speakers driven by the AYON CD35 tube SACD player and AYON Triton 120 watt tube integrated amplifier.

The events will be held on both Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March between 10am-4pm at the new Audio Reference showroom, situated at 2/25a Lake Road, Devonport, Auckland.

Book early to reserve your place in what’s expected to be a well-attended event.

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