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Maxell Tapes – highly regarded overseas – are now available in New Zealand. Prices for C90s are: LN-90 (normal bias) $6.95; UDI-90 (normal bias) $9.80; UDII-90 (chrome) $9.95; MX-90 (metal) $19.95. Sixty minute lengths of most tapes available. Vicomm Electronics.

JBL loudspeakers are widely used in recording studios worldwide for monitoring purposes. The new L-Series of domestic speakers each has a professional twin. Three floor-standing models are now available, all featuring titanium metal dome tweeters. They are:- L60T- a two way at $1595; L80T – a three way at $2475; and the top model L100T – a three way at $2995. The L60T will be appearing in the next issue of Zounds.

Audiophiles lusting after the SME Series V tonearm will be pleased to note the appearance of the SME Series IV tonearm. Using the same one-piece magnesium casting, cost savings have been made in areas that effect user convenience more than performance.

Audio Research are acknowledged as making some of the best amplification available, although unfortunately at very high prices. Audio Research now announce the new, less expensive SP-9 preamp. With a close physical resemblance to the (still available) SP-8, the 9 incorporates much of the hybrid technology introduced in the SP-11.

Ortofon have been prolific with their cartridges lately, with four new moving coils and two ranges of moving magnets. Top of the range is the MC3000 cartridge and MC3000 transformer. Replacing the renown MC2000, the price is in the “if you have to ask … ” category. More affordable is the MC30 Super. Like the MC20 Super, the 30 offers higher (ie normal MC) output. It features a Fritz Gyger diamond stylus and pure silver thread for the coil windings.

High output moving coils can be used straight into normal moving magnet phone inputs, removing the need for a step up device. The X3MC and X1 MC are the first high output Ortofon MCs. The difference between them is that the X1 ($99) has an elliptical stylus, while the X3 ($179) incorporates a fine line stylus.

The 300 series is Ortofon’s budget range of moving magnet cartridges. Prices are 305 ($49), 310 ($59) and 220 ($119).

The 500-series replaces the very popular VMS Series, and comprises 520 (elliptical stylus $119), 530 (fine line stylus $189) and 540 (van den Hul stylus $239).

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