HD Fury Delivers Dolby Vision to Projector Owners

Posted on 7th April, 2020

HD Fury Delivers Dolby Vision to Projector Owners

While 4K Ultra HD has brought significant improvements to the home theatre experience, it's also brought with it a fair share of challenges. 

Reproducing HDR (High Dynamic Range) images with peak luminance values of 1,000 nits or with any level of competence on a projector capable of producing around 100 nits is an entirely different matter.

While an easy task for Dolby Vision capable LED/LCD and OLED TV owners, projector owners have all been left “in the dark”. But it looks like this may be set to change thanks to HD Fury and a group of dedicated home theatre enthusiasts. 

The addition of an HD Fury Vertex 2 ($829), HDFury Diva18Gbps ($949), Maestro ($925.00 – $1,825), Integral 2 ($529) or Linker ($329), to a compatible source such as Apple TV and certain 4K disc players- Dolby Vision (LLDV) can now be sent to compatible projectors and televisions.

More details on how to implement the 'hack' and which HD Fury product is compatible with your projector can be found here.

Early impressions from enthusiasts are promising, and we're keen to put it to the test ourselves so stay tuned. 

HD Fury's range of scalers can be purchased from Australian distributor EZYHD here.


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As the owner of Adelaide based ‘Clarity Audio & Video Calibration’, Tony is a certified ISF Calibrator. Tony is an accomplished Audio-Visual reviewer specialising in theatre and visual products.

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