Get Out For More Live Music With GiggedIn

Posted on 17th December, 2019

Get Out For More Live Music With GiggedIn

While subscription services such as NetFlix and Disney+ have us spending more time at home, GiggedIn is a relatively young startup that encourages quite the opposite - and it's all about live music.

In just a few short years, GiggedIn says it has “built long term relationships with its members and events with a success rate most dating apps would only dream of.” The subscription-based service connects promises to connect music lovers with artists, festivals and venues and has even been described as “the Netflix of the live music industry.”

The process is simple  - members subscribe from $14.95 per month, which buys credits that are applied to your account. These credits can then be swapped for tickets to shows including live gigs and festivals. GiggedIn says it's the most affordable way to get tickets to shows, and even gets you access to sold-out shows by joining a waitlist without marked-up or inflated prices.

GiggedIn says it works directly with promoters, agents, artists, venues and ticketing companies. According to the company, an estimated 50% of event tickets go unsold globally, and the platform is assisting both the industry and customers alike.

Via the GiggedIn app, you when a gig you like you tap RSVP redeeming your credits for a ticket. If you don't use up your credits each month, they roll over to the next. You can even cancel tickets for a full refund.

In a stroke of genius, the smart folk have implemented an algorithm that learns what you love and offers personalised recommendations. 

Founder and CEO, Ed Onggo, told StereoNET:

With Spotify you get a million songs in your pocket and you don't have to worry about what it costs. That's what we've created at GiggedIn – thousands of the best events recommended just for you – and a way more affordable way to get tickets and discover. Just whip out your phone and in a few taps, see awesome artists and start making memories with mates.

The subscription service is currently operating in Sydney and Melbourne, and at the time of writing, GiggedIn says there are over 150 events hosted on the app. With thousands of subscribers already, over 30,000 tickets redeemed and over $1.5M+ revenue posted, it looks like GiggedIn has a positive future. 

You can view the current gigs here, or signup at and get your first-month membership free.

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