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We've got a lot to be thankful to Dolby Laboratories for, from noise reduction technology invented in 1965 right through to the industry standard and today's surround sound formats

2018 marks a new direction for the American company with the announcement of its first wireless headphones, dubbed Dolby Dimension.

Dolby pitches its Dimension headphones as a new way to experience shows, movies and music, and the first wireless headphone that is said to be perfected for home entertainment.

Dolby promises fully immersive cinematic sound via popular streaming services including Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

Dimension features premium materials, fit and finish, and intuitive touch controls. The sound is delivered via custom-designed 40mm acoustic drivers and features an 'advanced microphone array' and proprietary signal processing.

The key to Dolby Dimension is the accompanying app for iOS and Android. The app allows the user to adjust key features including Dolby's new LifeMix technology giving the ability to control how much of their surrounding the user hears. Users can choose a point between 'Transparency' which allows a degree of ambient noise, or shutting out all external noise - 'Active Noise Cancellation'.

Dolby LifeMix

With one-touch switching on the right earcup, you can select your source between Bluetooth enabled TVs, computer, or smartphones and tablets.

Dolby Dimension also comes with a Power Base, which charges the headphones when not in use. 

Dolby Dimension will be released in the United States, December 1st 2018 and will sell for $599. It is not known if they will become available in New Zealand.

For more information visit Dolby.

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