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French luxury audio brand Devialet, combined with its New Zealand distributors, Interdyn, are coming to NZ this month to demonstrate its groundbreaking SAM (speaker active matching) technology for two exclusive events.

Fortunate Devialet amplifier owners should feel compelled to attend, and those without should not miss this opportunity.

SAM matching is an incredibly intriguing development from Devialet. Using specialist hardware, engineers conduct microphone sweep testing combined with laser driver scanning to ‘map’ the characteristics of any loudspeaker. This complex data is then processed and uploaded to the amplifier, essentially linearising the amplifier and loudspeaker combination exactly.

It’s a bit like colour calibrating a high-end colour printer with a spectrophotometer to ensure colour values are accurate at the output – only this is calibrating the acoustic properties of a specific brand and model of loudspeaker. It’s very technical stuff, and very appealing to this geeky writer!

Devialet's explanation:

SAM® is an electro-acoustic revolution. For the first time ever, Devialet SAM technology guarantees a seamless match between your amplifier and connected speakers. Almost all multi-way loudspeakers generate delay caused by the bass diaphragm reacting slower to the audio signal than the tweeter does. Mechanical and technical measures help to minimize delay that would otherwise disrupt the evenness and spatial quality of sound.

Preliminary laboratory work carried out via SAM® Lab enables us to identify sixty or more different parameters per speaker model.

SAM® analyzes transducer characteristics using laser technology. These include displacement, deformation, maximum displacement, speed and acceleration. By measuring passive filters, we can determine resonance (event bass-reflex and passive radiators) while factoring in the overall impact of casing and damping.

Once this data is compiled, SAM® is able to produce a full physical behavioural model. The collected data also allows us to calculate the transducer SOA (Safe Operating Area). By doing so, SAM® offers permanent protection from overload, letting users reach higher volumes than ever before.

Devialet are working their way around the world testing all major loudspeaker brands, most of which already have profiles ready for download on their website. New Zealand's own Image 411’s and Theophany Psuche Kardia’s have already been tested and their respective profiles are awaiting you for download.

Likewise, owners of Australian brands including Krix, Richter and Lenehan Audio will also find custom profiles for selected models already available on the site.

Engineers from the French audio supremos will be at The Listening Post in Christchurch on the 13th of July from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM, and at Soundhaus By Schuler in perpetually sunny Napier a few days later on the 17th July between 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Readers are most welcome to attend the demonstration, and by prior arrangement, are encouraged to bring along their loudspeakers (only one is required for the process) for measurement if they do not already exist in SAM's extensive database.

For more information visit Devialet | The Listening Post | Soundhaus By Schuler.


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