Denon Offers Smartly Sonic Headphones

Posted on 24th February, 2020

Denon Offers Smartly Sonic Headphones

Denon claims better than CD sound from its two new, fully-featured GC over-ear headphones.

Boasting the look of luxury, the AH-GC25W ($599 RRP) and the premium AH-GC30 ($699 RRP) are well suited to those on the move, both models featuring active noise cancelling using multiple microphones to analyse and compensate for ambient noise. Better yet, Denon has recognised that different types of noise require specific responses, and consequently, there are no less than three modes that adjust to environments and situations. 

They’re highly functional, too. For instance, the ‘ambient monitor’ is a microphone that allows the wearer to hear the ambient sounds, and with a simple tap of the ear cup, easily hear what’s going on outside the sealed sound world of the ‘phones. 

But what of the sound itself? It goes without saying that the GC headphones are comfy, practical, full-featured and good looking, but their dynamic musicality might clinch the deal. 

The two GC models utilise the brand’s FreeEdge driver technology, where ‘floating’ diaphragms are used to reduce resonance and enable accurate pistonic motion. This, according to Denon, allows them to deliver all the dynamics and nuances usually associated with much more expensive models. And careful acoustical tuning delivers “incredible musical fidelity and enhanced detail of high-resolution audio.” 

While most users will make use of the Bluetooth abilities of the GC headphones, those who like a solid connection can also connect directly with USB to a computer. 

Lastly, we come to the all-important battery life, which for the GC25W is a remarkable 30 hours without using active noise cancelling, and for the GC30 is 20 hours or 25 without using active noise cancelling. 

The AH-GC25W retails for $599, while the AH-GC30 can be had for $699.

For more information, visit Denon.


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