Australian Musician Mary Webb Puts It All On The Line

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2 years ago

Australian Musician Mary Webb Puts It All On The Line

Captivating vocals, catchy, offbeat guitar picking and a swig of poetry, you can see why Mary Webb has been described as "a shining light" in Adelaide's Folk scene. Now, Mary takes off to the big US of A, and needs your support.

If you were fortunate enough to cross the ditch earlier this year, you may have heard Mary performing in the intimate setting at the 2016 International HiFi Show in Melbourne. She certainly captivated many of those that stopped in for a listen.

Some months later, and with the support of one of the Australian HiFi industry's most respected, Mike Kirkham and his Magenta Audio company, Mary is headed to Whitefish, Montana, to put down her next album at Snowghost Studio.

Mary Webb told StereoNET:

You might be wondering... why Montana? Well, there are several reasons. Mike and I have been talking for a long time about how we can create the best possible album - the kinds of instruments we will need, the equipment, the people, and the environment. We tried for ages to do all the things ourselves and there was always something not quite working, but when Mike started talking to Brett, the stars aligned.

Being the resourceful folk muso's often are, Mike has very generously donated goods from the soon to relaunch and iconic Australian brand, Halcro, in order to reduce the studio costs in a massive show of support for long time friend Mary Webb.

As you might imagine, going to the other side of the world to record an amazing album isn’t free. In fact, the whole thing is going to cost about the same as a new car. But this is important, and I know you want to hear this magical new album ASAP.

But the whole exercise still needs the support of friends, fans and fellow Aussies to be realised. Mike and Mary have taken the campaign to crowdfunding website, Pozible, and very transparently laid out the costs while asking for your pledge. Many perks are on offer in return for your contribution, from signed posters, phono cartridges, PS Audio headphone amplifiers, Halcro amplifiers, Zu Audio speakers and even your very own song, written specifically for you. That's priceless!

Snowghost Studio

What about a signed Gibson guitar that will be used by Mary on the album itself. Yours for $10,000.

While the perks are nice, pledges can be made from as little as $10. At the time of writing, Mary has raised just over $10,000 of the $15,000 required to complete this project. There's just 70 hours left so get in quick and show your support for Australian artists and musicians.

We look forward to the project reaching its goal, the album release and especially the vinyl issue.

To support Mary Webb and her project, visit the Pozible page.

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