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TV2 are dopes

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For the past week they have been running promos for Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


With provocative snippets such as, "not available on DVD", not available for rent", "in widescreen".


The last bit caught my attention so I decided to check it out tonight (Sunday Jan 5).


Well TV2 are just as hopeless as every other NZ broadcaster when it comes to widescreen .


Not only is the film not being screened in OAR of 2.40:1, it isn't even in the WS TV AR of 1.78:1.


They have merely added a few little black bars top and bottom.

To add insult the print they have has poor colour timing or is damaged, with strong magenta fleshtones evident.


My 11 year old laserdisc looks (and sounds) better than this abortion they are screening.


DOUBLE DOH on these twits !!!


Makes one wonder why they even bother.

No wonder so many people on local newsgroups say that there is nothing worth watching on FTA TV, TV2 reinforces this.



End of rant...



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Why end it there.


I was looking forward to taping these for watching in the HT later (although VHS through a projector, ewww). I want sure of the original AR, but was certain it wasnt the 1.66 or thereabouts that they have it.


If heir Lucas and heir Speilberg would pull their fingers out and release this on disc, it would be much appreciated.


I have heard rumours of ROTLA being released sometime this year, but then again, these rumours have been floating round the net for years.



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All the Indiana Jones films were shot in true anamorphic widescreen.


OAR is 2.40:1.


I've got the original on LD and the others on tape in WS.


I think Lucas and Spielberg are going to revise these classics with new digital effects and other such nonsense .




I have a feeling that they will turnout like the spoof that the South Park boys did on Raiders and the whole film "improvement" crap a few months ago.


Sure they are their films to "improve" but they could at least keep the originals circulating. I was particularly pissed off when Lucas released the Special Editions of the Star Wars films and removed the originals from sale. This is tanatmount to cultural vandalism.


Luckily I got an LD set while they were still available. I'm of the opinion that the SE's did absoultely nothing to enhance one's viewing pleasure and if anything, diminished one's enjoyment.




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Yep...all valid points guys.


At least with mainstream telly starting to recognise that widescreen actually exists it will raise its profile with the general populace. And the more people that realise movies aren't square...the better.


However...free to air TV will never be able to meet our lofty expectations of how a film should be presented if only for the simple fact they have to chop it up into 30 or 40 7-minute long chunks. Broadcast movies for me will most likely always be nothing more than lite-weight fun.


Hooray for DVD's :)

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Posted (edited)

This is a knockout piece of cinema.  Dialogue dense and quickly moving, it will actually need a second viewing to catch all the scathing one liners.

Certainly coining the term " Boyfriends of Christ"  alone should get it a BAFTA.

Very high production values and a suburb cast, including Australia's' own George Brandis in his debut acting role - he is marvellous as the Chief of Secret Police : now there's a bit of type casting😎.

No attempts whatsoever to pull off dodgy Ruskie accents- each actor sticks to their own.

This is the blackest satire I can immediately recall. Right up there with "Dr. Strangelove" 

I kept having thoughts about our own inane self-serving pollies as I watched this.




Edited by Zen Mister

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