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Project Phono Box SE II

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Item: Project Phono Box SE II
Location: Auckland
Price: offers
Item Condition: excellent (except when it isn't)
Reason for selling: read on...
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
Extra Info:


A really excellent phono stage, with switching for all loads making it very flexible and versatile.
Handles MC and MM and really sounds great. Silver faceplate.
There is a connection/grounding issue with the RCA inputs at the back. I think it may have been a combination of really firm RCA cables and my unplugging and then plugging back in for the first time in about 4-5 years that caused it.
It produces a loud hum that you can remove with a little bit of cable wiggle at the back, and then it seems to rock along happily for days on end.
It's obviously temperamental though, as it started buzzing away in the middle of the night and scared the bejesus out of everyone!
So if you fiddle with it, you can get it working fine, but really should get a fix done on the RCA jacks. I'm using this opportunity to move on to something else, so open to offers with the above caveat and a simple fix for anyone who wants it.



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    • Indeed!   Its all about balance.   Personally, I think that an Ortofon Blue is out of balance with what you propose.
    • I don't *have* to spend 9K, spending less is still an attractive proposition! And as you say, it leaves $$$ for elsewhere. I've been round and about with TTs, I'm not that interested in going down the rabbit hole again. I think cart options might expand in future, but i'm not convinced I need to chase that bunny either in the near term. meanwhile the whole thinking was a beautiful amp/pre set-up at the heart and then long term the speakers will no doubt become a consideration.    I've been looking seriously at the rotel 1581 monoblocks over the last couple of days, hard to find much on them but on paper they look good, and gobs of power, so they open up options for speakers in future. and if they're good SS, they'll be clean and clear, and the pre will be the star of the show.   If this was easy there wouldn't be a multi-billion dollar industry with myriad choices and confusinations!
    • Looks like a sweet system as is.   Bet it sounds sweet too!   What don't you like about it, that could be improved @Oliver_Persol?
    • I sort of agree with this.   While the 740A (which I've owned) won't be getting the most out of the 414's, which are VERY capable speakers, my gut feeling is that if I had 9k to spend it wouldn't be solely on an amp.    If you are keen on keeping the 414s, then I'd get something along the lines of the Rotel and upgrade the front end. Leaves plenty of money for something much better than the Blue. Or even a new TT....
    • I'm sorry, but I think you're already way beyond the limitations of Image 414 speakers with the hardware you're looking into.  You simply won't get the full benefit with such a mid-level speaker.