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Item:  Classical CDs

Location: Canberra (can ship to New Zealand)

Price: $A5 each (except whether otherwise stated)

Item Condition: Discs play perfectly (some playing surfaces may have slight signs of use, some look unplayed, several are still sealed)

Reason for selling: no longer required

Payment Method:  Paypal

Extra Info:  Though I'm new to this forum, you can find feedback for me on the Stereo Net Australia site, with the same user name. I'd recommend that anyone interested would have them sent MINUS the plastic jewelcases, just discs and front & rear inserts. This would considerably reduce postage and make any transaction for the buyer feasible. In this way CDs can be sent at the Letter Rate (although they would actually be sent in specially designated cardboard  CD mailers, one of which could accommodate 4 regular CD titles, and the cost would be between $A 4.20 and $A 7.50) The cost to ship parcels to New Zealand would start at $A 11.55. I would only ship at cost. If you need images of the cover art, send me a private message and I can provide via an e-mail attachment. If you're wondering why there are no J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak, Mahler, Shostakovich titles, these have already been purchased.


(Label/country where actually pressed (if known)/year pressed)


MALCOLM ARNOLD: Symphonies # 1 + 2 (London Symphony/Hickox) (Chandos, Austria, 1995)

BARBER: Symphony # 2 + Adagio for Strings + Essay # 1 + Shelley Scene (NZ Symphony/Schenck) (Stradivari, U.S., 1988)

BERLIOZ: Harold in Italy + 2 Overtures (Montreal Symphony/Dutoit) (London, U.S., 1988)

BERLIOZ: Overtures + Queen Mab Scherzo + SAINT-SAENS: Omphale’s Spinning Wheel (Boston Symphony/Munch) (RCA, U.S., 1993) [Recorded between 1957 and 1961]

BERLIOZ: Symphonie Fantastique + “Free Judges” Overture (Chicago Symphony/Solti) (London, U.S., 1991) [Recorded in 1972 and 1974]

BLISS: Colour Symphony + Enchantress + Cello Concerto (Finnie/Wallfisch/Ulster/Handley) (Chandos, Germany, 1997) [Recorded in 1986 and 1989]

BLOCH: “America” Rhapsody + Concerto Grosso # 1 (Michaelian/Seattle Symphony & Chorale/Schwarz) (Delos, U.S., 1994)

GEORGE BOHM: Keyboard Works (Leonhardt) (Sony, U.S., 1993)

BRAHMS: 4 Symphonies, etc. (Scottish Chamber/Mackerras) (Teldec, U.S., 1997) $10 [4 disc set]

BRAHMS: Symphony # 1 +SCHUMANN: “Manfred” Overture (Los Angeles Philharmonic/Giulini) (Deutsche Grammophon, U.S., 1989) [Recorded in 1981]

BRAHMS: Violin Concerto (Mullova/Berlin Philharmonic/Abbado) (Philips, Germany, 1994)

BRUCKNER: Symphony # 4 [“Romantic”] (Cincinnati Symphony/Lopez-Cobos) (Telarc, U.S., 1990)

BRUCKNER: Symphony # 5 (Berlin Philharmonic/Barenboim) (Teldec, Germany, 1992)

BRUCKNER: Symphony # 7 (Cincinnati Symphony/Lopez-Cobos) (Telarc, U.S., 1989)

CANTELOUBE: Songs of the Auvergne (Macliver/Queensland Symphony/Kelly) (ABC, Australia, 2006)

CHOPIN: Piano Concertos # 1 + 2 (Ax/Philadelphia/Ormandy) (RCA, U.S., 1991) [Recorded in 1978 and 1980]

RON COOLEY: The Ancient and the Infant (American Gramaphone, U.S., 1988)

COPLAND: Appalachian Spring + Rodeo + Common Man Fanfare (Atlanta Symphony/Lane) (Telarc, U.S.) [Recorded in 1982]

COPLAND: Appalachian Spring + Lincoln Portrait + Billy the Kid (Henry Fonda/London Symphony/Copland) (CBS, U.S., 1988) [Recorded between 1968 and 1972]

COPLAND: Organ Symphony + Dance Symphony + Short Symphony + Orchestral Variations (St Louis Symphony/Slatkin) (RCA, Germany, 1996)

COPLAND: Symphony # 3 + Organ Symphony (Biggs/New York Philharmonic/Bernstein) (Sony, U.S., 1997) [Recorded in 1966 and 1967]

COPLAND: Tender Land + Appalachian Spring (soloists/Third Angle New Music Ensemble/Sidlin) (Koch, U.S., 1997)

CORELLI: Violin Sonatas, Op. 5 (Trio Sonnerie w/Nigel North) (Musical Heritage Society, U.S., 1991) $10 [2 disc set]

LOUIS COUPERIN: Suites & Pavanes (Leonhardt) (Harmonia Mundi, U.S., 1990) [Recorded in 1979]

DEBUSSY: Jeux + Khamma + Spring + Afternoon of a Faun (Finnish Radio Symphony/Saraste) (Virgin, Germany, 1993)

DELIUS: Miniatures (English Northern Sinfonia/Hickox) (EMI, Germany, 1986)

DELIUS: Song Before Sunrise + Summer Night on River + 2 Aquarelles, etc. (Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Del Mar) (Chandos, U.K.., 1990) [Recorded in 1977]

JOHN DOWNEY: Double Bass Concerto + Discourse + Declamations, etc. (soloists/London Symphony/Simon) (Cala, U.K., 1992)

ELGAR: Falstaff + Enigma Variations (Royal Scottish National/Gibson) (Chandos, Germany, 1985) [Recorded in 1978]

FALLA: Nights in the Gardens of Spain + Love the Magician + 3 Cornered Hat (3 Dances) (soloists/London Symphony/Mata) (RCA, Germany, 1995) [Recorded in 1976 and 1977]

FALLA: 3 Cornered Hat (complete) + Homenajes, etc. (Quivar/Cincinnati Symphony/Lopez-Cobos) (Telarc, U.S., 1987)

GADE: Symphonies # 1 + 8 (Stockholm Sinfonietta/Jarvi) (BIS, Austria, 1986)

GLAZOUNOV: Symphonies # 4 + 5 (USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony/Rozhdestvensky) (Melodiya, Australia)

EUGENE GOOSSENS: Piano Works (Gray) (ABC, Australia, 1997)

GOUNOD: Symphonies # 1 + 2 (St Johns, Smith Square/Lubbock) (ASV, U.K., 1996)

GRAINGER: Orchestral Works (Melbourne Symphony/Simon) (ABC, Australia, 1990)

ASGER HAMERIK : Symphonies # 1 + 2 (Helsingborg Symphony/Dausgaard) (Da Capo, U.S., 1997)

HANSON : Symphonies # 3 + 6, etc. (Rosenberger/Seattle Symphony/New York Chamber Symphony/Schwarz) (Delos, U.S., 1990)

HANSON : Symphonies # 5 & 7 + Piano Concerto, etc. (Rosenberger/Seattle Symphony & Chorale /Schwarz) (Delos, U.S., 1992)

J.P.E. HARTMANN: Symphonies # 1 + 2 (Danish National Radio Symphony/Dausgaard) (Da Capo, Germany, 1996)

ALFRED HILL: Symphonies # 5 + 10, etc. (Queensland Symphony/Lehmann) (Marco Polo, Germany, 1999)

HOLST: Planets (New York Philharmonic/Mehta) (Teldec, Germany, 1990)

HOVHANESS: String Quartets 1-4 + 4 Bagatelles, etc. (Shanghai String Quartet) (Delos, U.S., 1994)

IVES: Symphony # 3 + 3 Places in New England + Central Park in the Dark, etc. (St Louis Symphony/Slatkin) (RCA, U.S., 1992)

JANACEK: Suite for Strings + On an Overgrown Path + Idyll for String Orchestra (London Jupiter/Rose) (Chandos, Austria, 1993)

KALIVODA: Symphonies # 5 + 6 (Pilsen Radio/Malat) (Centaur, Czech Republic, 1992)

LANGGAARD: Symphonies # 4 + 5 + 6 (Danish Radio Symphony/Jarvi) (Chandos, Germany, 1992)

LISZT: Symphonic Poems (Berlin Philharmonic/Mehta) (Sony, U.S., 1997)

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: Variations (Julian Lloyd Webber) + WILLIAM LLOYD WEBBER: Aurora (London Philharmonic/Maazel) (Philips, Germany, 1986)

MARTINU: Symphonies # 1 + 5 (Royal Scottish National/Thomson) (Chandos, Germany, 1991)

MEHUL: Symphonies # 1-4 + 2 Overtures (Gulbenkian/Swierczewski) (Nimbus, U.S., 1989) $10 [2 disc set]

MENDELSSOHN: Early Symphonies # 7 + 9 + 10 (Gewandhaus Leipzig/Masur) (Berlin Classics, Germany, 1993) [Recorded in 1971]

MIASKOWSKY: Symphony # 3 + Lyric Concertino (USSR Symphony/Verbitzky) (Melodiya, Germany, 1993)

NIELSEN: Symphony # 2 + “Aladdin” Suite (Gothenburg Symphony/Chung) (BIS, Germany, 1983)

NIELSEN: Symphonies # 3 + 6 (Swedish Radio Symphony/Salonen) (Sony, Austria, 1993)

RESPIGHI: Church Windows + Brazilian Impressions (Philharmonia/Simon) (Chandos, Germany, 1984)

RESPIGHI: Pines of Rome + Birds + Fountains of Rome (Atlanta Symphony/Lane) (Telarc, U.S.) [Recorded in 1983 and 1984]

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Symphonies # 1 + 2 [“Antar”] (Russian State Symphony/Svetlanov) (RCA, Germany, 1994)

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Symphony # 3 (USSR Symphony/Svetlanov) (Melodiya, Australia) [Recorded in 1983]

POUL RUDERS: Symphony + Gong + Thus Saw St John, etc. (Danish National Radio Symphony/Segerstam) (Chandos, Austria, 1993)

SATIE: Piano Music (Pontinen) (BIS, Japan, 1986)

SCHEIBE: Sinfonias (Concerto Copenhagen/Manze) (Chandos, Germany, 1994)

SCHMELZER: Sonatas + French Ballet (Tafelmusik/Lamon) (Sony, U.S., 1993)

SCHOENBERG: Suite + Wind Quintet (London Sinfonietta/Atherton) (Decca, Germany, 1992) [Recorded in 1973 and 1974]

SCHUBERT: “Arpeggione” Sonata + “Die Schone Mullerin” Variations, etc. (Galway/Moll) (RCA, Japan, 1984)

SCHUBERT: Rosamunde (Complete) (von Otter/Ernst-Senff Choir/European Chamber/Abbado) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 1991)

SCRIABIN: Poem of Ecstasy (Ashkenazy/Cleveland/Maazel) + Piano Concerto + Prometheus (Ashkenazy/Ambrosian Singers/London Philharmonic/Maazel) (Decca, Germany, 1989) [Recorded in 1971 and 1978]

SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphonies # 2 & 3 + Age of Gold (London Philharmonic & Choir/Haitink) (London, Germany, 1987) [Recorded in 1979 and 1981]  SOLD

SIBELIUS: Symphony # 2 + Finlandia (New York Philharmonic/Mehta) (Teldec, Germany, 1990)

ROBERT SIMPSON: Symphonies # 3 + 5 (Royal Philharmonic/Handley) (Hyperion, U.K., 1994)

SOLER: 6 Concertos for 2 Organs (Mathot/Koopman) (Erato, U.S., 1992)

STANFORD: Symphony # 5 + Irish Rhapsody # 4 (Ulster/Handley) (Chandos, Austria, 1988)

STANLEY: 6 Organ Concertos, op. 10 (Gifford/Northern Sinfonia/Gifford) (CRD, Japan) [Recorded in 1979]

RICHARD STRAUSS: Symphonic Music from Operas (Berlin Philharmonic/Mehta) (Sony, U.S., 1993)

SZYMANOWSKI: Symphonies # 2 (Musial/Polish Radio Symphony/Kasprzyk) + 3 [“Song of Night”], etc. (Ochman/Polish Radio National Symphony & Chorus/Semkov) (EMI, Holland, 1994) [Recorded in 1979 and 1981]

SZYMANOWSKI: Works for Violin and Piano (Hoelscher/Beroff) (EMI, Holland, 1994) [Recorded in 1982]

TAKEMITSU: To the Edge of Dream + 12 Songs for Guitar (excerpt) + Folios, etc. (Williams/London Sinfonietta/Salonen) (Sony, Austria, 1991)

TANEYEV: String Quartets # 8 + 9 (Leningrad Taneyev Quartet) (Melodiya, Australia)

TELEMANN: Violin and Viola Concertos (Peabody/Philharmonia Virtuosi/Kapp) (ESS.A.Y., Canada, 1991)

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony # 1 [“Sea Symphony”] (soloists/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic & Choir/Handley) (EMI, U.K., 1988)

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony # 2 [“London”] + Lark Ascending (Griffiths/Royal Philharmonic/Previn) (Telarc, Japan, 1987)

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphonies # 7 [“Sinfonia Antarctica”] + 8 (London Symphony/Previn) (RCA, Germany, 1990) [Recorded in 1967 and 1968]

VERDI: Preludes, Overtures and Ballet Music (BBC Philharmonic/Downes) (Chandos, Austria, 1997)

VILLA-LOBOS: Bachianas Brasileiras # 4 + 5 + 7 + 9, etc. (Fleming/BBC Singers/New World Symphony/Tilson Thomas) (RCA, U.S., 1996)

WALTON: Symphony # 1, etc. (Royal Philharmonic/Previn) (Telarc, Japan, 1987)

WALTON: Symphony # 1 + Portsmouth Point Overture (London Philharmonic/Slatkin) (Virgin, Germany, 1994) [Recorded in 1987]


“SHARON ISBIN: DREAMS OF A WORLD” (Teldec, Germany, 1999)

CHRISTOPHER ROUSE + TAN DUN: Guitar Concertos (Isbin/Gulbenkian/Tang) (Teldec, U.S., 2001)

RODRIGO: Concerto de Aranjuez + VILLA-LOBOS: Guitar Concerto + PONCE: Concerto of South (Isbin/New York Philharmonic/Serebrier) (Warner Classics, Germany, 2004)
"JOHN WILLIAMS: SEVILLE CONCERT" (Sony, Australia, 1993)


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