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Steve Luck

Battery Powered Hi Fi alternative to mains power?

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Lots of claims are made for the benefit of dedicated power supplies and mains filtration.  I've spent some time looking at battery back up systems for earthquake use.  You could buy deep cycle batteries and pure sine wave inverters capable of delivering enough watts to keep most Audio systems running for hours and lots of battery cycles.  Lots of Hifi runs from wall warts converting 230volt to just a few voltDC and minimal amps.  So why don't we see bigger use of batteries in High end systems?  Wouldn't DC from batteries get round all the problems from dirty mains supplies?

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did the shake the other day get you thinking ?


cost would be a big factor, common variety computer UPS just wouldn't be good enough.


paul mcgowan/ps audio talked about this very subject recently.






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There are many who believe that battery-powered phono stages are much better than mains-powered.  Of course, this is easy as we are talking in the order of 3x9V batteries. 


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