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Retro Console Remakes

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The past couple of years have seen a bunch of consoles re-released, albeit in smaller form factor.

Each one I have said I would buy just for a bit of nostalgia. Can't believe how many hours I wasted of my youth playing Defender of the Crown, Giana Sisters (Mario Bros), California Games and many more.


The problem is, demand has generally outstripped supply on launch and I'm evidently not keen enough to get my hands on one.

After all the initial hype though, you tend not to hear much more.




Has anyone here bought one of these consoles? Do you still use it?

Novelty worn off?



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I have owned a classic Nintendo console for a few months... the controller cables are too short so they can't reach my couch.

There are after market controller cables on their way (from Wish) so I'll see how they go.


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Guest Proshchay

Marc, I have an old school N64 console + controllers etc which I plan to sell. The main issue is my sofa is too far away from my tv, and it's too much of a hassle as the stock cables aren't long enough & would be crossing over a thoroughfare. Does the re-issued console still need to be connected to the tv via cables? Or is it a bit more user friendly? I'd like to keep all my N64 games if I could find a more user-friendly way to play them. I've got a friend who could setup an emulator on my laptop, but i'm a bit gun shy as those sites are a haven for spyware and malware. Cheers.

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Here's my baby I built for retro gaming.. It's running a raspberry pi 3b+, and Sanwa joysticks / buttons and wasn't just completed recently. 


She's got 4/8 way mechanic switching on the joysticks by the way of servos, and USB encoders so the arcade joysticks can talk to the Pi. 


Gameboy, Nintendo, arcade classics, n64, Sega... You name it!


I don't seem to have a fully completed picture on my phone. 


Oh did I mention cupholders LOL




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