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  1. Thanks for your help, I should have specified My budget is sub 1k. So I’m defiantly looking at S/H more than new.
  2. Im sure this has been covered many times but on a quick search nothing recent came up. I have just just sold my set of original B&W DM601 speakers which have been my main L/R for a home theatre/Music listening system. In auditioning a number of new Bookshelf speakers I haven’t found many that I like better than my old DM601s. The new B&W 607/606 and Elac B6.2 being the exception. Most had better bass but less ingageing and not as precise. Ive tried Dali Zensor Monitor Audio Bronze and silver B&W 607/606 Elac B6.2 wharfedale 11.2 are there others I should look at? Or has speaker technology not made much progress since my old DM601 speakers?
  3. I’m looking for some tweeters and possibly a driver for a DM602, anyone got parts in NZ for these speakers?
  4. Hi all, just a quick introduction. Im from New Brighton CHCH and have recently started taking a bit more interest in HT and how well my speakers convey my favourite albums current setup is a little unwelming but budget dictates unfortunately. B&W 601 s1 pair B&W 602 S1 pair (dismantled currently to do some maintainance) Mission M6ci centre Wharfedale SW150 sub Yamaha RX-V671 amp