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  1. I've not had these speakers about a year and not been used a great deal Have worked fine but now the left channel has developed a quite loud and obtrusive hiss. The right channel is fine. These speakers have bass and treble tone controls and the hiss seems to get louder if the treble is boosted. The question is: has anyone else had this problem and is it fixable? Probably too long to return it to the retailer.
  2. RossFlet

    Nakamichi repairs required

    Thanks. Unfortunately Gennady won't work on Nakamichi decks that have been worked on previously. But thanks for your response.
  3. Before Christmas I sold a late 1970s Nakamichi deck that needed repairs on TM. During the auction a member commented on in the Q&A area that he was in the Auckland area and had repaired several Nakamichi decks. Out of interest I contacted the buyer (also in Auckland) who said he had no success in finding a repairer in Auckland. Just wondering if anyone knows who this mystery repairer is. I note that some people on this forum have mentioned Warren at WOT Electronics as a possibility for Nakamichi repairs
  4. McLaren amps generally had a good reputation when they were in business and there's still a few around. But ultimately your ears are the final judge as to whether it's s better than the Rega