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  1. Stevehifi

    Streaming query, thoughts

    Thanks bigjim, very interesting and I think I need to read the article again to get my head around the different concepts he explains. 👍
  2. Stevehifi


    He has a new album due in May. (Inside word, I work with his mother😂) Hopefully it will be available in other formats.
  3. Stevehifi

    Used plinius 2100i?

    Ive not owned that particular Plinius but I’ve owned a 9200 for 14 years, Very happy with it, love the sound, has been ultra reliable. Mate had a 2100i and was always happy with it. Ran it into proAc studio 100s from memory. Rack wise mine does need a bit of air around it as it runs reasonably hot. I also found speaker cable choice made quite a bit of difference with mine. I tried some silver cables a while back and found them quite “bright” and not to my taste.
  4. Stevehifi

    Streaming query, thoughts

    Had to look up what MQA meant 😂 . Agree with what you say. There is a problem offering (and hyping) something which you are not able to deliver reliably and conisistently to the average punter and after reading about their service on the net I’m thinking the issue may lie beyond my front gate. This might be a bit controversial but there appears to be a bit of audiofile prejudice against Spotify possibly because it has mass use. TBH I think the digital rate of the input is only one of many many factors which can be looked at in the delivery chain. For instance one of the biggest gains I found in the digital input area was when I upgraded the DAC. Is high res. tidal into a $100 DAC going to sound better than medium res. Spotify into a $1000 DAC?🤔 For me the SQ difference between tidal and Spotify was not enough to justify wanting to chuck the iPad with frustration every time I listened to it🤪 I also try to keep in mind the audiofile upgrade balancing act between what sounds better and whether that “betterness” is just because the upgrade / improvement sounds different to what you are used to.
  5. Stevehifi

    Streaming query, thoughts

    Thanks, that is tentavely where I was at with my thinking. The mac is not needed elsewhere and streaming into my system is all it does. A couple of other points which may be of interest to others, the streaming sound of the Mac is significantly better than I was getting with a decent Toshiba laptop with windows using the exact same USB connection. I also tried full resolution Tidal for a while but found the constant drop offs of stream very frustrating. I’m not sure what point of my system is causing this , wifi, ADSL, or elsewhere up the chain. I found it strange because my internet copes with Spotify premium and the wife running Netflix off a smart tv in the other room at the same time with no issues at all. Tidal was the only thing connected but it still stopped and started. Further wondering about tidal were caused as I was in a hifi shop in Auckland a few weeks ago that was demoing a very high end dac streamer, Ethernet cable connection and it was having the exact same drop offs during tidal demo. I assume the shop had way better internet connection than I can get out in the boondocks. i know there are plenty of happy tidal users out there but for me it is about squeezing the best I can get out of Spotify premium. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Stevehifi

    Streaming query, thoughts

    Thanks for the reply sondek, 😊 yes I do spin a bit of vinyl and love the sound. (Pro-Ject rpm 6 sb, grado prestige gold MM into the Plinius phonostage) I enjoy the “ritual” of vinyl and the new pressings available are great. TBH though the convenience, cost and catalogue of streamed music is a major factor and would now account for 80% of my listening. Agree with what you say about CD, I have a bel canto cd2 which as I mentioned sounds wonderful. The iStreamer sounds a similar product to my Wadia idoc which I use with a 160 gig iPod which holds about 3000 songs at high res. The Wadia by passes the iPod dac and also goes into my MF dac. Sounds pretty good as well. The iStreamer looks a good product and a great price with an on board dac. I would like an option that allows for preferably optical digital output to my dac and I think the istreamer has analogue only which is totally expected at the price. Again thanks for your thoughts and I will do a bit of research into the dac in the iStreamer as it does look a cost effective option, but as you say maybe similar to the macboook as a wifi transport.
  7. Opinions and thoughts.... I have a streaming dilemna. I find myself using internet services (Spotify, tried tidal but that’s another story) as my main source these days despite having a good CD player and turntable set up with heaps of music. I find the ease of access to a server with millions of songs is making my other sources redundant. My streaming setup is this: ADSL (rural limitations so no fibre), 6 year old MacBook Pro with wireless internet connection connected to a Musical Fidelity M1 dac via USB. DAC connected to a Plinius 9200. Focal Electra 1028 be speakers. I control Spotify through an iPad. The streaming sound is good and very similar to my cd when I do AB switch tests on the same music. The DAC tells me the MacBook is sending at 96 kHz and upsampling it to 192 kHz. I’m very happy with the M1 dac so want to keep using it. Since I already have a dac I’m happy with I don’t want to spend thousands on a streamer with an expensive inbuilt dac. So I was looking at something like a Yamaha wxc50 or bluesound 2i. Both have Dacs which are by bypassable. My query is this, is there anything to be gained in sound quality by replacing the MacBook with a dedicated streamer? What other options are out there? Thanks