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  1. Hi, I would love to know which is better: Monitor Audio PB2 $1000NZ or the PB3 which is slightly wider than the tv, but only $200 more?...can the pb3 justify the worse cosmetics for a better center speaker sound? OR $1500 gets me the Goldenear superCinema 3D Array X (not the large XL). I assume this is worth the extra spend...but I cannot get to listen to them and hope someone else has an opinion. I love watching tv and movies more than listening to music, but still like good quality...I don't like bright harsh sounding speakers over mu History: My old faithful 5.1 system is upset now that my wife has purchased a corner suite that means my front left floorstanding (old Acoustic Research) speaker has to go! To keep things simple a passive soundbar will replace my front and center speakers and sit above my 55" panasonic VT55 on a ledge. (as the stand doesn't leave enough room to place the bar below the tv on my unit.) I have a Yamaha receiver RX-V1900, yamaha yst-sw500 sub and some cheap kenwood book shelf rears. (my center speaker will be sold) I had considered the samsung HW-MS650 soundbar and the impressive $2200 HW-N950 full surround system but they seems like starting again when I have good bones already? ....however I do not believe that this is the better audio/movie quality choice...as surely having all in one means less quality? Any experiences or opinions would be much appreciated. Cheers Roger