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  1. bigjim

    Streaming query, thoughts

    Have you considered a Respberry Pi streaming solution? According to John Darko, the Allo solution he talks about is better than the Bluesound and cheaper. Have a look at this link, the video is also worth watching. https://darko.audio/2018/11/a-short-film-about-the-allo-digione-signature/
  2. bigjim


    Thanks Stevehifi, will look out for it.
  3. bigjim


    Heard Teeks a while back and was quite impressed. Was considering a purchase of a CD or FLAC download but looks like that's not possible. Checked out the Teeks web page and only seems to be available on Spotify, Google Play, Apple etc. I prefer to purchase my music, but looks like it isn't possible this time. Maybe this is the way things are going where we can only get new music via streaming services.
  4. bigjim


    Same thing is happening to me. I am now resident in NZ but used to live in Australia, so find the AU site useful. I now can't contact vendors through Stereonet Australia. In fact I have just been messaging a vendor on Stereonet AU recently, with this change I wouldn't be able to complete my business with the vendor. I use both the AU and NZ sites, so don't want to be forced onto one only. Perhaps there is an explanation. I also made a classifieds purchase on a recent visit to Perth, all arrranged from NZ before my visit. This wouldn't be possible with this change.