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  1. AudioFeline

    help with a thorens

    And it's possible to do some simple mods to the AT95 which take the quality beyond it's modest price-point.
  2. AudioFeline

    Battery Powered Hi Fi alternative to mains power?

    There are many who believe that battery-powered phono stages are much better than mains-powered. Of course, this is easy as we are talking in the order of 3x9V batteries.
  3. AudioFeline

    Coloured Vinyl

    I agree with your spellchecker suggestion. Perhaps post it in the StereoNET NZ Discussion forum and I'm sure Marc will see it there. https://www.stereonet.co.nz/forums/forum/24-stereonet-nz-discussion/
  4. When BluTak is first used it is soft and pliable, and I can see how it may provide dampening. However, over time it tends to harden, so initial audio benefits may change.
  5. AudioFeline

    Coloured Vinyl

    Some coloured vinyl sounds OK. I've always seen it as a gimmick by the record companies, so it doesn't have any special appeal to me. Therefore, when given the choice, I will be conservative and go for the black in the hope of getting the best sound quality. When not given a choice and the disk is important to me, I will get the coloured vinyl, hoping it will be OK.
  6. AudioFeline

    A new amp in the making...

    I'm also looking forward to the pics. Seems like it could sound nice and look good - always a great combo.
  7. AudioFeline

    Vintage phonographs

    They will be easy to locate - the are very thick.
  8. AudioFeline

    Vintage phonographs

    Great dynamics on this disk. This is an Edison disk, different to other 78s. Apart from being very thick and heavy, they are cut with vertical modulations in the grooves, rather than the lateral (side to side) modulations in other records. Therefore, they play out of phase on a modern cartridge - but changing the +ve and -ve wires for one channel on the cartridge will fix this. Also unlike shellac disks which dissolve in alcohol, I believe these disks dissolve in water, so be careful when cleaning.
  9. I'm a sucker for a tt with a good hammertone finish. The old idlers - commonwealth, byer, Garrard 301 (don't care for the look of the 401), and their overseas equivalents. They sound fantastic when set up correctly, and look great. Unfortunately I don't own them.
  10. AudioFeline

    Vintage phonographs

    The old phonographs use steel needles, not styli. And the needles should be replaced after every play (you can imagine in depression-era US that the needles were not changed, which is why most surviving disks from that era are damaged). And I read on another forum that these are only suited to disks up to the 20's, from the 30's electric pickups were starting to be produced. Don't get me wrong, they look lovely and are a great piece of audio history (esp. if you get a genuine one, as noted above there is a lot of info on the internet on how to spot fakes, usually originating from India where 78's persisted longer than most other parts of the world). If you get one, have lots of fun playing Ricard Tauber and other 78's that don't have much value. I feel that a modern turntable with appropriate styli will give the best reproduction and do the least damage to the disks. To play on a modern turntable there are cart's that will also accept an interchangable 78 stylus as well as microgroove 33/45 styli (eg. Stanton 500/the pickering equivalent; many Shure cart's will accept their 78 stylus). Easy to change the stylus if you have one of these cart's. If you have a removable headshell you can have a headshell/cart for microgroove records, and another for 78's. When playing 78's the best reproduction is when your stereo is in mono mode. The 78 styli are larger than the microgroove. That's why playing a 78 with a modern turntable can sound really bad - the styli is sitting in the bottom of the 78's groove, and is picking up the dirt and rubbish, whereas the 78 styli sits higher in the groove. 78 buffs will often have a variety of styli sizes to get the best reproduction. You can get OK reproduction through a modern amp with RIAA eq., and this can be improved by using the tone controls to boost the treble to get better reproduction. An amp with variable eq is better. Silicon Chip have a preamp, sold as a kit at Altronics in Aust. for reasonable cost. Rod Elliott's highly respected phono preamp ESP06 kit can be modified by adding adjustable eq curves, and can also include a subsonic filter. Elliott sells the circuit board for the preamp, subsonic filter, and power supply on his website (the eq curve can be added by point to point wiring, the circuit's not to complicated). If you don't have a turntable that plays 78's there are a lot of respectable vintage players that have 78 speed. Alternatively, many old direct drive turntables (not the latter quartz-controlled though) can be easily converted to play 78, all it takes is a resistor and a switch (if you want to retain 45 rpm as well). The earlier Technics dd tt's are easy to modify, the SL-D2 (and the others in this series) were some of the first to be modified and there is info/youtubes on this. Info is available on the internet about doing the mod to other dd tt's.
  11. AudioFeline

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    A good goal. However, I was reading on another forum that the phonographs are good for 1920's disks but will damage later disks. Better to get a turntable that plays 78, or modify a direct-drive turntable to play 78 (very easy with the right models), and have a cartridge with a styli for 78. To get best reproduction have an amp that has 78 eq curves. Not only will this not damage the records, but you will get the best reproduction. And the 78 disks can sound wonderful, much better than transfers to 33rpm or CD.
  12. AudioFeline

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    This year I've been going more and more back in time, to the 1920/30/40's era. Early hot jazz, country blues, Hawaiian, etc. The John RT Davies masterings (where available) are the best ever.
  13. AudioFeline

    Buying FLAC files online seems harder than it should be

    Ten or more years ago I made a prediction (to myself) that by, or before, the year we are in that with fast internet speeds and ultra-big-and-cheap disk space that mp3 would be a historical oddity, and FLAC (or another truly lossless format) would be standard. Well, where I live we are still living with the promise that fast internet will be delivered and mp3 still rules. I guess I forgot to factor in that people like us who appreciate quality music are in the minority, and the vast majority simply don't care.
  14. AudioFeline

    How many still DIY?

    From my part I would say absolutely, you are a DIYer. You do your own repairs/restoration (within your skill level) rather than paying someone to do it. And I would imagine that when restoring you would be incorporating improvements where possible. That's DIYing in my opinion.
  15. AudioFeline

    The Bad Caps thread

    I recall the day when a cap blew on on my large CRT TV when it was about 5yrs old. Made me & Mrs.Feline jump from our seats through the roof! Lots of electrical black smoke. It took a long time - a couple of months - for the repairs to be completed, I'm not sure what the delays were, the repair man wasn't very communicative. I have since read that there was a bad batch of caps manufactured and many consumer electronics of that era had them installed. I guess I was one of the unlucky ones.