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  1. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

  2. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    One of the all time great British bands. I had the good fortune to hear them play in Melbourne on the Grand Hotel tour. These two reissues have been pumping for the past week. Simply awesome. Progressive rock at its finest with ornate arrangements, choirs, mandolins, and that Gary Brooker dark chocolate voice. GRAND HOTEL comes with a handful of alternate takes, plus a DVD of a live concert. Excellent sound, and fantastic essays about the recordings. EXOTIC BIRDS AND FRUITS comes with two concerts, both excellent, plus the great cover notes. Paschale Byrne did the mastering, and did it very well. Billy
  3. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    One of my most treasured records is " Bless It's Pointed Head" , which my father bought back to me after a visit to his parents in Mt. Albert. One of his friends worked in the record department of a city store now forgotten, and he selected this as something that I may like. New Zealand pressings of the era really are excellent. This 3 disc set goes from pre Airplane to Volunteers, and with excellent essays, albeit psychedelic printing rendering it hard to read, it's a great primer of the classic San Francisco band in their shambolic pomp. Also evident is the boost that a regular intake of cannabis and acid made to the quality of the music. Billy.
  4. Zen Mister

    Is everyone comfortable . .

    Good step @Marc. New records, particularly reissues, are exploitively priced. For $50, I could bag 4-5 well chosen CDs, versus one record. I have an excellent collection of records, but confess, I do advise those new to the interest, build your cd collection whilst they are abundant and cheap. You can collect heritage/ classic music from all eras and build a formidable collection without breaking the bank. Very few of the vinyl obsessives I know ever appear to be satisfied/happy with their music experience. They seem afflicted with the thought, if I just threw a few more hundred bucks at the system, maybe that would do it. It's all about the music. Build the collection. Listen out of your comfort zone. Billy.
  5. @sondek, a few snaps of the procedure would be great. What was the actual volume of the final mix??
  6. Looking good Mr. B. Would love to hear it in action. No T/T. - good choice. Turntables are an expensive proposition these days. Not just the item, but cost of the records. $40 -50 per disc - funk off! I have a very large record collection dating back to the sixties. I also have a ' vaster ' ( may not be an actual word but WTF) collection of CDs. - red book, SACD, DVD-a, BluRay. If I was starting from scratch now, despite my historical and current enjoyment of my record collection, I would not touch vinyl with a barge pole. For the cost of one record, I could bag three, maybe four CDs. I could afford to take a chance on an unfamiliar artist, or for $20 , pick up a five Cd pack of a classic group. My vote is for the music. Billy.
  7. Zen Mister

    How many still DIY?

    Bruno, you are a legend. If you cannot find enough Dyi stuff locally, have a look at the Aussie site - you will have found your tribe. Billy.
  8. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

  9. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

  10. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

  11. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    Melbourne SNA member has started a thread on the Aussie site to observe New Zealand Music month. Looks like it will be very comprehensive. So much brilliant music. Billy.
  12. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    Going a bit retro whilst preparing the evening meal. Billy.
  13. Zen Mister

    Wellington Gear-hog checking in

    Welcome Mr C. Look forward to your posts. You might also have a look at the Aussie StereoNet site - lots of DYI interest to be found. Billy.
  14. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    Disco never dies because it's the only thing you can stick on at party and everyone, no matter their age, will be up shaking their his or her groove-thangs. Well done Mr Chubbs. Billy.
  15. Zen Mister

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    Sometimes you've just got to scratch the itch.......... " COAST TO COAST" is one of the best hard rock instrumentals ever, live or studio. Billy.