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  1. candyflip

    Project Phono Box SE II

    Guys - take this to PM please. We don't allow private phone numbers to be broadcast on a public domain like this forum/internet. That's asking for trouble. cheers and GLWTS!
  2. disagree...I've tried them all and the Friday remaster kills the lot, for mine. The Led Zeps are well known basket cases - but there are a thousand decent remasters of other bands and titles, some that easily outstrip the OG's. Some really great half-speeds (Pink Floyd's 'WYWH' from the otherwise execrable CBS catalog, is a standout for example) and some great digital remasters too that have been designed especially for vinyl and sound great. It's too big a generalisation you make - and a few really bad ones doesn't make them all 'audiofool', as the OP questions. try the GnR - it's a beaut.
  3. Heard the new Guns n Roses 'Appetite' remaster? Bloody good - and better than the dirty original, IMHO. the Friday Music mastering of 'Bat Out of Hell' ? Same deal.....
  4. candyflip

    New user

    Gidday maaaate!
  5. NOT a problem on SNA Australia, where bad transactions, though few and far between, always get called out and are supported by the entire community. 👌 I expect the same here.
  6. candyflip

    Good to be here...

    Hello reubymac and welcome! Look forward to your contributions.
  7. candyflip

    NZ Black Friday Hi-Fi/AV Sales

    20% off ALL vinyl at JB Hi Fi until Monday. https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/features/black-friday/
  8. GUIDELINES FOR USE OF THE CLASSIFIEDS By posting or using this forum you agree to be bound by the guidelines and understand that at a Moderator or Administrator's discretion, inappropriate actions or misuse of this forum may result in your IP Address and Username being banned from this website. You cannot start using the Classifieds until you have X amount of posts to our community. Consider introducing yourself to our community here. Your new advertisement once posted requires moderator approval before being visible to the community. This website accepts ONLY New Zealand/Australian origin advertisements offered for sale. StereoNET encourages the use of Paypal only as payment method unless you are picking up the item for sale in person. This protects both the seller AND the buyer from fraudulent transactions (it does happen!). Buyer beware! Paypal is free to signup, but you must verify your account with a credit card before being able to receive payments (this also confirms your identity and address). Paypal also includes Buyer Protection, and includes a Dispute Resolution system. ______________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE REGARDING THE ADVERTISING OF DIY / MODIFIED ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS Sellers of new or second hand electrical goods are bound by electrical safety standards and laws that apply in NZ. The onus is on the seller to ensure they comply with relevant policies. Sellers advertising goods considered to be DIY or modified, and/or not manufactured by a commercial entity / qualified individual or company should include the disclaimer below within their advertisement, or StereoNET may at their discretion remove the advertisement. ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with New Zealand Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use. ______________________________________________________________________________ FORMAT FOR NEW POSTS/ADVERTISEMENTS: Thread Title should be correctly formatted. Examples: "FS: Insert Item Name Here" Typical For Sale Thread "WTB: Insert Item Name here" Wanted to Buy - Please ensure this is posted in correct "Wanted to Buy" Subforum. "EOI: Insert Item Name Here" For Expressions of Interest thread. - PLEASE NOTE - Expressions of Interest posts MUST include an asking price. Your thread will not be approved if you do not include a price. You should fill out your advertisement with as much detail as possible. Below are examples. * Item full name and model etc. (include things like age, type etc ). * Location (where you live, and whether or not you will sell inter-island etc) * Item condition description (provide as much details as possible, try to give the buyers a visual description of what to expect from your words.) * Price and price conditions (such as negotiable, non-negotiable, will or will not consider selling items separately, no "make an offer"). Please see below regarding donations. You may want to consider making a donation to SNA, and may state the amount (Eg. $1200 includes $20 Donation to Stereonet NZ). * Reason for selling (A lot of buyers will ask this so please provide a reason, even if its only to say that you need the money). * Payment Methods: There are only two methods available for your post to be approved. Paypal, Cash - Pickup. * Extra Info: (If there is any other info that you'd like to add put it here) * Pictures (if you don't have pictures and cannot get any please state as such. If you think you can get pictures soon, please hold off posting the thread until you get the pictures, we want to avoid the posts where the first 5 replies are people asking about pictures). Please use the info in this thread to post your pictures. if you have multiple items, please use a separate template for each. REPOSTING OF ADS Do not post duplicate advertisements within 30 days of your previous advertisement. If you wish to relist your ad after 30 days, please report your previous advertisement, so moderators can archive your advertisement. You may then repost your item. If this is ignored, all duplicate advertisements may inadvertently be deleted. Posts marked as 'Payment Pending' or similar will be considered as 'SOLD' and marked accordingly. WHEN YOUR ITEM IS SOLD On the top right hand side of your post, please use the button "Mark as Sold". THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE DISALLOWED illegal or dangerous items - guns, knives, chemicals etc... Alcohol items which breach copyright laws - copied movies, copied music, counterfeit products like handbags and watches electrical items built DIY or that may contain unauthorised electrical modifications unless ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER is included in advertisement. other items SNA Moderators consider either in questionable taste or inappropriate to offer for public sale If any of these guidelines are not met, your thread will be deleted and due to time constraints, you may not receive any notification. This forum is for use only by private (non-commercial) members, to sell their items. This forum is NOT for use by non-supporting retailers or distributors, or anyone selling bulk items for personal profit including bulk sales. Moderators reserve the right to question, edit, close, or disapprove any advertisement that does not comply with the above, or appears to be obviously selling an item imported from overseas for profit. White-Anting - Members posting nuisance replies (criticism of products or pricing, off topic discussions etc) will result in their posts being deleted, and possible suspension. You may not make any post which may potentially undermine the sale, including questioning the price, starting rumours about the provenance of the unit, and so on. EMAIL ADDRESSES and PHONE NUMBERS are not permitted to be posted in threads or in usernames. All discussions shall take place either in the forums themselves or via Private Messages. Private contact details will be removed to ensure privacy. EXTERNAL LINKS to TradeMe/ eBay auctions are permitted, provided the advertisement posted to StereoNET still follows the correct template above, and a Buy It Now price is included in the advertisement. GROUP PURCHASE Ads are not permitted unless prior approval is sought from StereoNET Admin. SIGNATURES: Links to Classifieds Ads are not permitted in your Forum Signature. Please note: it is up to the buyer and the seller to come to an agreement about all aspects of the transaction. It is very strongly advised that you discuss a DOA (dead on arrival) policy, whether the seller wishes to offer a limited warranty, and whether the item is to have insurance on shipping. Also, discuss who pays the insurance excess should a claim need to be lodged. It is not unreasonable to ask for a third party to inspect the goods prior to the sale, if this is an interstate transaction. By common convention - if the item can be proven to work before it is dispatched, and if it arrives undamaged, that is the end of the seller's responsibility. FLIPPING 'Flipping' is the practice of on-selling an item purchased on the StereoNET classifieds, and re-advertising/selling the item for a profit via our Classifieds. While flipping is not in the spirit of the StereoNET community, it is not against the StereoNET website Rules and Guidelines. It is of course, frowned upon by all within the community though. Please be reminded that 'white-anting' classifieds ads, that is adding negative comment to an advertisement, in order to prevent it being sold or to create doubt as to the sellers intentions or actions is against the guidelines, and action will be taken by Admin/Moderators when this occurs. If you like the price of an advertised item, buy it. If not, simply move on. DONATIONS Please consider making a donation to this website. This site does cost a substantial amount of money to operate. We provide this website, and classifieds service to you free of charge. Donations are not compulsory, but are a small contribution to our running costs (consider the fees and charges other site charge you for this service). Please consider the fees and charges you avoid by using StereoNET to sell your time, compared to eBay and Paypal. If you have sold an item, please contact us about a donation. It is appreciated and goes a long way to reducing our costs.
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    Gidday mate!
  10. candyflip

    Long overdue ...

    I agree CD is the next collectable, and I really don't see it going away in the short term, due to a lack of better alternatives. I love vinyl, and the collect-ability, smell, feel, touch and sound quality of it. But there is no doubt that CD is a more convenient medium, and can sound as good or better if handled right. Never been a better time to buy CD's, on the crest of the popularity of vinyl (again). It's got to be near bottom now for s/hand prices, unless the whole format is actually deep-sixed in favour of something else, in which case it'll be just thrown away and worth nothing. Anyway - welcome Ian!
  11. candyflip

    Kia Ora

  12. candyflip

    New old member

  13. Cables - it's gotta be cables. Specifically, POWER cables. no no no..... 👺