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  1. the 7009 is good for ht, mediocre for music ! there's one on tardme at the moment for the fantasy price of $1699 ! that's plain silly for a 4 generation old unit, $5-600 is more realistic. if you want a musical sounding avr that won't break the bank, look for a used rotel avr-1550.
  2. michaelw

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    true, rotel are excellent value not end game, stick with their class ab amps though, the class d are meh. the latest perreaux sound very solid state to my ears, dynamic and powerful but not the most musical devices. if you want the best of the best all-in-one then be prepared to spend more than $9k.
  3. no on GNR yes on bat, it's ok not as good as my us original have you heard the jimmy page led zeps ? and any number of well reviewed audiophile remasters that just sound blah...
  4. michaelw

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    $9k is a large chunk of change. for similar features (on-board phono, dac etc.) and not far off performance, look at the discontinued rotel ra-1570 ($2500rrp) or the replacement ra-1572 ($2700rrp)
  5. michaelw

    Nakamichi repairs required

    oh, didn't know that.
  6. 180g records remastered records half-speed remastering digital remasters 😛
  7. michaelw

    Nakamichi repairs required

    there's also gennady lyskin/gennlabs in waikanane. he's worked on my technics sp10 and has experience with various nakamichis. you can find documentation of his work on his website http://www.gennlab.com/index.html
  8. you don't have to buy through trademe. avoid involving a third party and contact the seller directly. https://referenceaudio.co.nz/contact.html
  9. michaelw


    marc fixed it for me too (on desktop). haven;t tried laptop or phone. does the fix work for dynamic ip's ?
  10. Item: DVD singles and box sets Location: Palmerston North Price: as listed Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: no room ! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: NZ sales only 4 for $10 + post All NZ new Region 4 All in as new condition The Age of Innocence Alien Nation The Brave One Body Snatchers 1993 Conan the Barbarian: Special Edition Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (40th Anniv) 2-disc Catch Me If You Can (2 Disc Special Edition) A Fish Called Wanda (Collectors Edition) Flash Gordon (1980) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang The Constant Gardener Carlito's Way Cat People 1982 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof 1958 Children of men 2-disc Special Edition The Departed 2-disc Special Edition Domino The Driver Empire of the Sun 2-disc Special Editon Enemy of the State Enron the Smartest Guys In The Room Escape from New York Special Edition Evolution Eyes Wide Shut Fahrenheit 451 1966 Fargo Special Edition Flags of Our Fathers 2-disc The Game Ghost Dog Ghost Rider 2 -disc Extended Edition High Noon Special Collectors Edition Journey To The Centre of The Earth 1959 Kiss of the Dragon Vertigo 2-disc 50th Anniversary Edition Some R1 titles Almost Famous American Gangster Badlands Blade 1,2, 3 R4 The Crow Collectors Series 2-disc The Crow City of Angels Days of Heaven Dick Tracy Gods and Monsters Box sets -all R4, as new $10 each + post except where specific price listed Casino Royale (Collector's Edition) 3-disc Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Complete Collection 7-disc $35 Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig 7-disc $35 Heroes Season 1 box set 7-disc Iron Man (2-Disc Ultimate Edition) mask packaging $15 The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Collection 2-disc Star Trek: The Animated Series 4-disc, faded outer box $15 The Prisoner (1967) 35th Anniversary Special Edition box set 5-disc $15 Twin Peaks - The First Season 4-disc Pictures:
  11. michaelw

    Kia Ora

    Darryl Ramsey was the man. Started in Paremata/Whitby then had several shops in Wellington. There's some reminiscing in this old thread, a very good read about the glory days of nz audio retailing.
  12. michaelw


    as well as wireless and cassettes ...
  13. michaelw

    Kia Ora

    welcome ! back in the '80s wellington was ground zero for some very accomplished hi-fi companies - craft audio, hfa, mclaren, mega. most of the company prinicpals are still around, some still involved in audio. have you heard of the wellington audio club ? there may be members who share your interests. https://wellingtonaudioclub.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/WELLINGTON-AUDIO-CLUB-111934772153124/
  14. michaelw

    help with a thorens

    back in the day the td160/grace 707 was a classic kiwi combo, for those who wanted a bit more than a rega planar 3 but couldn't stretch to a linn sondek. the under-rated grace 707 arm was good enough for everything from a cheapy throw away cartridge to mega-buck koetsus ( i used a koetsu red for a time in my old 707). at a minimum i would start with the venerable audio-technica at95, only $79 ! https://www.listeningpost.co.nz/Products/Turntables/Turntables-record-player-vinyl-phono-Needle-Stylus/AT95E-__I.93020__C.27778__N.27756 for a little bit more, the latest goldring e-series has been getting good reviews, one caveat, the goldring has quite a wide body, so check that it fits inside the grace's headshell. https://www.listeningpost.co.nz/Products/Turntables/Turntables-record-player-vinyl-phono-Needle-Stylus/Goldring-E1-Cartridge-Listening-Post-Christchurch-__I.222770__C.27778__N.27756
  15. michaelw

    Battery Powered Hi Fi alternative to mains power?

    did the shake the other day get you thinking ? cost would be a big factor, common variety computer UPS just wouldn't be good enough. paul mcgowan/ps audio talked about this very subject recently.