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  1. lancia

    Refurbished Vintage Thorens TD160

    Hi there, you wouldn't have a set of springs lying around unwanted and unloved would you? i have a TD160 sans springs that I would very much like to get up and running, unless you know of some demon tweak that makes them unnecessary?
  2. To Candyflip and the other moderators, please accept my apologies for breaking the rules, a moment of sheer stupidity on my part.
  3. sorry please pm me about this
  4. Thank you very much! i'm in Dunedin so will $10.00 cover it? Let me know plus your bank account details and i'll put the money straight to your account. If it's easier please text me 0xxxxxxxxx
  5. Hi is this still available and if so how much are you looking for?
  6. lancia

    Thorens suspension

    hi Folks, i am looking for a set of suspension springs for a Thorens TD160 (i believe the ones from a Linn are the same or very close) can anyone help please?