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  1. audionut


    Yep no doubt a business decision. But you can't force a site to come alive by means like this. I find this action of redirection strange. If the NZ site is good it will work on its own accord.
  2. audionut


    Well I think it's not such a great idea this redirecting thing. If I want to check out the Oz site then I should be able too without using VPN's or whatever. I take it then, if you're in Oz and want to visit the Kiwi site you will be redirected back to the Oz site? Or is this just something special for us? Marc please dump this idea.
  3. audionut

    Thirty years of AudioEnz - and goodbye

    Sorry to see you go Michael. You and the site will be missed. All the best for your future endeavours.
  4. audionut

    This seems odd but

    Yes I've found most of my gear really comes on song around the 600 hr mark and some a bit longer. Many purchasers of new gear don't allow for the item to truly burn in, and so dissatisfied, will sell it on and start the cycle again.
  5. audionut

    Levitating turntable

    Good question... its getting harder to tell these days. There are more questions then answers at this stage. Hopefully more info will come.
  6. audionut

    Levitating turntable

    Ha. I like it. I'm in...what about you guys? ?
  7. Ha. Nice one, and so true :-)
  8. audionut

    Missing posts!

    Yep, it has changed on my end to. Very hard to read. Anyone else?
  9. audionut

    Michael Hill's hifi system

    Bang on the money Owen :-)
  10. audionut

    Michael Hill's hifi system

    The speakers are a creation of a local Queestown boy. I haven't heard them yet but I will on my next visit to our best little cosmopolitan town.
  11. audionut

    Vinyl Record Production & DMM

    Not a fan of DMM. Thought StockFish with their use of soft copper could change my mind but no.
  12. audionut

    Using the forum

    Apart from sluggish loading times it's all going ok through my mac/maverick/chrome and ipad setup. :-) A preview button would be nice though.
  13. It was strange Mike. If I open your home page from my bookmarks it came up with that hack. I decided to try your home page via google search and all was good. A while ago I had both my web sites hacked by ass#@#*s too. It was actually a hacking off the main sever and all sites attached to it would have had the same issue. As mentioned your site is good now so perhaps the server guys have removed it.
  14. Reeltoreel was referring to this Mike, it happened to me too.
  15. audionut

    Forum speed - is it just me?

    Yep, loading slow here too. Has been for a long while.