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  1. itwasonly$60luv

    Re-foil electrostatic panel

    Might have spoken too soon. Sent the panels on their own in the original packing which was more than adequate. After shipping and paying up front - nothing, no acknowledgement of payment or receipt of package. Emails go unanswered, so back to the London office to get them to stir up their Indian colleagues. Had an expectation of customer service which is sadly not met. Hope I am not stranded with no panels and just the 8 inch Eaton.
  2. itwasonly$60luv

    Re-foil electrostatic panel

    Just heard from the manufacturer they can re-foil with the upgraded specification, at an almost reasonable cost. So off to Puna, India they go!
  3. itwasonly$60luv

    Re-foil electrostatic panel

    My Cadence Arista's have performed a stellar job for 10 years, but I have noticed some holes appearing in the electrostatic panel. Does not affect the sound as yet but obviously wont perform at optimum. The manufacturer went out of business in the late 2000's but has re-appeared and up to now has steadfastly ignored communication from me. Shame as they worked well with the Eaton 8" and gave a glorious sound stage. Its not all over yet as they will still perform at a high level. Anyone out there re-foiling electrostatic panels?
  4. itwasonly$60luv

    Coloured Vinyl

    Holding off buying a new LP as its coloured vinyl. Based on my collection the solid coloured albums (Joe Jackson - solid white) sounds poor. Can I apply this generalism or am I wrong? Plus can you get a non American spellchecker for the forum?
  5. itwasonly$60luv

    Anyone in NZ using Jolida gear?

    I have a Jolida JD9a phonostage, imported 8 years ago, rolled tubes and excellent performance up to now. I have imported Ming Da tube monoblocks and pre amp directly from the factory at a massive saving. Tricky getting through customs (as they don't know their A from their E) as you really must pick up directly from airport and pay import over the counter, as door to door does not work in NZ.
  6. My current set up in the real world of cost consciousness; Linn Sondek untouched as I bought it in Tottenham Court Road in 1982, Linn Basic+ arm, Dynavector low output DV20x2, Jolida JD9 phono amp with NOS Mullard AX12's. Works for me, although I do have to tiptoe about - researching a wall mount.
  7. itwasonly$60luv

    Thirty years of AudioEnz - and goodbye

    Sorry to see the close of an era Michael, will miss the great responses to the glitches I have experienced over the years - mostly of my own making. Thanks for the effort and resources you put into AudioEnz. Surely someone can keep the website going? Andrew Scott
  8. itwasonly$60luv

    Tuner problem

    Thanks Owen
  9. itwasonly$60luv

    Tuner problem

    Probably didn't explain, I'm rural and wanted to use the roof TV aerial to get the best reception I can. I have a dipole aerial which works OK, but wanted to roof mounted aerial to get the best reception I can and not just the powerful Auckland stations.
  10. itwasonly$60luv

    Tuner problem

    Hi, really perplexed with this issue. After running on bunny ears for a year, I connected my Marantz tuner directly to the FM aerial - nothing. Connected the old Quad FM to check - nothing, unplugged the aerial leaving 15m of coax - nothing. Someone give me a checklist of what to test as I am baffled.
  11. itwasonly$60luv


    I have a reasonable memory for lyrics, especially to profound or amusing ones, can anyone identify these (easy) ones? >------------------------------------------------------------ Sometimes you find a yearning for the quiet life The country air and all of its joys But Badgers could not compensate at twice the price For just another night with the boys ------------------------------------------------------ I woke up in a Soho doorway The policeman knew my name ------------------------------------------------------------- And then one day you find, 10 years have got behind you No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.
  12. itwasonly$60luv

    what are you listening to 2016 ?

    Robert Plant - Principle of Moments 1983 with Phil Collins on drums for most of it.
  13. itwasonly$60luv

    Vinyl buyers are lonely, middle-aged introverts?

    Lonely? Only intellectually, middle age? only chronologically. Introvert? This is my daily driver - and its supercharged.
  14. itwasonly$60luv

    Where do you buy your cables?

    Mark Brumby at Audiomark http://www.audiomark.co.nz/contact.html
  15. itwasonly$60luv

    Jaycar hybrid valve amp

    Thought it was a current post and amplifier does not appear to be available anymore?