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  1. MosfetMainac

    Having to log I !

    Have to agree that it's annoying and has the reverse effect to what you intended for me personally, especially when several devices are used to browse. I strayed over to the .AU site to see if that board had more going on but before I could get my teeth into anything interesting I was blocked, so I ended up on another site.
  2. MosfetMainac

    USB or IP DAC

    Interesting device bluedog, The features look similar to roon and makes me wonder should I continue paying the annual $ licensing fee or go for a hardware device like the bluesound.. might have to go have a play 😄
  3. MosfetMainac

    USB or IP DAC

    Recently after long periods of contemplation I finally moved from CD/Phono to a music server/NAS setup, purely for convenience. I’m running Roon on a roon optimised Linux NUC and using the optical out on an old gen3 Apple TV for the output device. I can say that roon is everything I wanted in function and ease of use, the music quality is good, nothing that makes you wow but that’s because of the source files and no doubt the output devices. I’m interested in looking at a USB or network DAC but haven’t really kept up with what’s available or better still, what is recommended. Budget approx up to $1k and I dont mind looking at good 2nd hand gear Keen to hear people’s thoughts on what direction to take. Cheers MM
  4. Not sure where to put this as there doesn’t seem to be a general discussion area. I know that Marcus was moving to a new location a couple of months ago in Welly, however his emails now bounce and mobile number doesn’t work., I’m hoping nothing untoward has happened to him?. Id like to catch up with him on a possible trip down there, can anyone share his contact details with me, or give an update? Cheers, MM
  5. MosfetMainac

    Altec 511B horn wtd

    I'm looking for a single 511b Horn without the driver or maybe Horn/s with driver/s? depends what comes up I guess... Cheers MM
  6. The Pye amp looks like an HF4000?, quite a nice amp in it's day, the OPT's are supposed to be quite good from what I'm told.
  7. MosfetMainac

    The Bad Caps thread

    Operating temps were normal, in fact QSC was in idle most of it's life in good ventilation, it was mentioned to me once that NZ's 230+ VAC supply is pushing the QSC caps to their limit The quad was in a typical Hifi rack
  8. MosfetMainac

    The Bad Caps thread

    Having experienced first hand a couple of Bad Capacitor experiences I thought it might help others if we gave a "heads up" to other DIYer's on the site showing what can happen if they go unattended. This is not intended as an opportunity to bag manufacturers etc., (most of us have fallen victim of components that cause failure), but rather an opportunity to give others a warning to check their own devices BEFORE this happens to them. I'll start with a Quad Platinum amplifier. As you can see from, the photos, several of the capacitors have the telltale bulges on top and one or more eventually went into a dead short. Here's another pic of the board from the top, note the burn hole on the bottom left, the transformer wires had melted together as a result of the short. Next up, A QSC GX5 amp. Same thing again, the caps shorted and took the amp out burning holes through the main board and filling the place with smoke. A local repairer mentioned that he's had to replace the main reservoir in capacitors several of these, if you have one that's been working hard for a while, , ageing or been working in high temps it may be worthwhile getting your amp checked out. These of course are the more extreme cases, but it illustrates clearly what can happen when a $2-10 component decides to go rogue and hopefully a useful prompt for others to at least inspect, or have their gear inspected MM
  9. MosfetMainac

    What’s in your glass tonight?

    Umm, I'll need to go through the recycling now... It was a cold day and the rain was bucketing, the shed was warm, the music was great, the tubes were glowing, the test bench was clear and the wine was flowing 2015 I think? I have a specialist testing device for gift wrapped bottles of wine in the shed @LogicprObe
  10. MosfetMainac

    What’s in your glass tonight?

    Penfolds Bin28 Kalimna Shiraz Yummy....
  11. Speaking of leak gear, did you guys see that pair of TL12+ amps go for over $2.8k on TM?.gosh...
  12. I'm having a bit of a clean out of the shed so a few bits and pieces have surfaced which can hopefully find new owners First up :MZC66 amp, 12 channel (6 x stereo), used and I believe it's working but I dont have the remote keypads to test properly, a good source of parts or case/PSU for another project Pics shamelessly ripped off the net, very similar if not better condition to this though. (no rust) 30 watts per channel x 12 channels (6 stereo zones) 4 ohm stable per channel Telephone and doorbell mute capabilities Can be programmed with discrete power on/off and other IR codes for any component Zone expansion capable Dimensions: 133 x 432 x 368 mm Weight: 10.4 kg $100 and it's yours, Pickup only One Tree Hill Valve Amps, Cheap. Various Valve PA type amps 6L6 PP, 6L6GC PP, EL36 100w and others etc, some rebuilt, some need a rebuild but a great source of power and output transformers etc.. I'm home over the long weekend, send me a PM if you are interested and we can arrange a visit. I tend to be busy otherwise though. Cheers MM
  13. Ironically, when I went to click on your link today I got a warning “ this webpage is not private, It may trying to steal personal or financial information...click to close this page” etc...
  14. My main system amongst other gear is a Denon AVC-A1D, not bad for audio with good surround, Perreaux 350p for amplification driving a pair of quite rare Paradigm Studio Monitors, not the later versions but the Original Dual 8” woofer, 4” mids and metal dome tweeter, and a Denon DCD 3000 CD player. All purchased new in stages throughout the 90’s My favourite system is my Leak stereo 20 driving a pair of Tannoy Reds in lancaster cabinets, according to the previous owner (RIP) they were a set from Abbey road studios when he was involved,who knows... Vintage Valve gear is where my interests lie now days along with a gaggle of Altec speakers/horns and some RTR decks.