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  1. championsound

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    I don't *have* to spend 9K, spending less is still an attractive proposition! And as you say, it leaves $$$ for elsewhere. I've been round and about with TTs, I'm not that interested in going down the rabbit hole again. I think cart options might expand in future, but i'm not convinced I need to chase that bunny either in the near term. meanwhile the whole thinking was a beautiful amp/pre set-up at the heart and then long term the speakers will no doubt become a consideration. I've been looking seriously at the rotel 1581 monoblocks over the last couple of days, hard to find much on them but on paper they look good, and gobs of power, so they open up options for speakers in future. and if they're good SS, they'll be clean and clear, and the pre will be the star of the show. If this was easy there wouldn't be a multi-billion dollar industry with myriad choices and confusinations!
  2. championsound

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    Sound advice 🙂
  3. championsound

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    Hi Michael, thanks for the recommends. Rotel have never struck me as being a real end-game amplifier, but i'd be keen on your thoughts on the Perreaux if you consider this Rotel as a compelling competitor? I could go all out on a pair of 500w mono-blocks from Rotel, and add in their fully featured pre-amp for much the same price as the @ 300w integrated from Perreaux, so thats an interesting prospect!
  4. championsound

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    Hey @sondek - I should consolidate our conversation! My 'preference' is the cart I have! For the record (ha! didn't mean to pun that, but there you go) I have a Technics 1200mkII that i've rewired with VDH wiring from the headshell direct to a Precision Soundlab output, and I'm currently running a fairly MOR Ortofon 2M blue cart on it. cables will be kimber most likely, but yet to purchase as i don't know where i'm going! To be honest, the 2M blue sounds clear and strong to me, but perhaps i'll look further afield in future. chances are i'll always be in the MM world, which may preclude the likes of the Leben for me. I used to have a project xpression 3 which i really loved, but i was lured back to a 1200 by nostalgia. I don't think i'll be changing TT again.
  5. Thanks @sondek much appreciated! I'm starting to think i'll go the separate phono amp route, although I feel like I want to steer away from leaving myself too open for tweaking. I optimistically hope to spend some money now, and then not do it again for a long time! That said, I guess I can buy an integrated with onboard for now, and it still gives me the chance to separate the pre-amp stage later. I've managed to stick to one set-up for over 10 years, so i feel a little bit justified in treating myself now!
  6. hi all, looking for some logical feedback here! I've been planning for a long time to upgrade my amp, my heart was really set on the Perreaux 255i, it's got loads of power and I can get the phono board installed for a reasonable price (although the total cost is still substantial!). Then I was swayed by the idea of a tube phono amp (line magnetic lp-33, Leben etc), but that pushed the cost out as far as the amp is concerned, so I needed to start looking at lower cost amps to offset that, but then I was swayed again in the other direction by the rather capable Anthem STR integrated which again serves all purposes in a (slightly bland) box, including phono amp and DAC. 99% of our listening is vinyl. I stream music either from a networked itunes machine via an optical out (can be analog for the Perreaux to avoid the $$$ DAC add-on) or Spotify via airplay when I'm truly slumming it. The Perreaux is a thing of beauty, it really is the front runner for my dream set-up, but with phono board it is a chunky $9K. Would a smarter person than me be tempted by the Anthem at over 2K less? At $9K, is there a golden opportunity to spend @ 2-2.5K on the phono stage and still get a great amp? Buy the Anthem and then potentially add in the pre-amp later? Just get the Perreaux and shut up? Can anyone shine some harsh logical light on this dilemma for me? which way to go? For reference, I have a pair of Image 414mkIIs that have served me well, and I don't see any need to move them on, but they're not really put to work by the cambridge 740a amp that they're paired with. I want to get something in the 200w+ range to really power them. They still really outrun the amp, but they look good and they sound great.
  7. Item: Project Phono Box SE II Location: Auckland Price: offers Item Condition: excellent (except when it isn't) Reason for selling: read on... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: A really excellent phono stage, with switching for all loads making it very flexible and versatile. Handles MC and MM and really sounds great. Silver faceplate. BUT... There is a connection/grounding issue with the RCA inputs at the back. I think it may have been a combination of really firm RCA cables and my unplugging and then plugging back in for the first time in about 4-5 years that caused it. It produces a loud hum that you can remove with a little bit of cable wiggle at the back, and then it seems to rock along happily for days on end. It's obviously temperamental though, as it started buzzing away in the middle of the night and scared the bejesus out of everyone! So if you fiddle with it, you can get it working fine, but really should get a fix done on the RCA jacks. I'm using this opportunity to move on to something else, so open to offers with the above caveat and a simple fix for anyone who wants it. Pictures:
  8. late to the party, but Sondek, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the Leben phono stage. aside from the fact that the two units looks gorgeous next to each other, how do you feel the phono stage performs? Would it play well into a 200w integrated? I'm currently distracted by the line magnetic lp-33, and I'm on the fence about whether to just go all in on an integrated solution or go out wide with a tube phono stage like the Leben or Line Magnetic. definitely looking at solid state fo the amp though, wanting to get some grunt after the last decade of feeding my images too little power.
  9. championsound

    Image speakers

    thought I'd update on this. Got in touch with Arnold, the new owner of Image Loudspeakers. they're still building them, and more. perhaps they're doing more of a direct sales model now, not sure, but Chris is still building the cabinets and Arnold is doing the circuitry/wiring. He apparently has 30+ years of audio circuitry experience, and with Chris still being involved, I'm confident that there will be a pair of revelations in my future after all.
  10. championsound

    Image speakers

    I read that Chris Ball has hung up his speaker wires, so to speak. I've always planned to one day get a pair of Revelation 2s, and although I dearly love my 414mk11s, after 10+ years i'm finally at the point where we are renovating our house and I was going to cap it off with the speakers i've always wanted! Are they still around? looks like the usual suspects in retail are no longer stocking them. End of an era?
  11. championsound

    What are you listening to (2017)?

    Two new records that are getting regular rotate amongst the many: Four Tet's New Energy (utterly sublime album) LCD Soundsystem's American Dream (I think it might actually be his/their best album) Unfortunately I had to return a copy of Mazzy Star's So Tonight That I Might See which i got last week as I had assumed it was the 2017 Capitol pressing and as soon as I put it on, I realised my error. It was a 2015 Plain Recordings pressing and the quality was dire. most of the record was perfectly listenable, but from the lead-in on side one til nearly the end of the first track was a low pulsing tone that just ruined it. miserable pressing!
  12. championsound

    Back from the void!

    bloody hell. and then i fell off the back. just remembered again today as i'm musing about clearing out some vinyl as space is limited. long story short, had a very happy 10 years with the pro-ject xpression III but nostalgia has been creeping, and I eventually hunted down a fairly top condition SL-1200 mk2, rewired the tone-arm with silky VDH threads and direct wired it to a precision sound lab rca module. kept the ortofon 2m blue from the previous table and it all runs very happily. now i have a nice blocky nod to my youth and years of DJing back in my life and couldn't be happier!
  13. championsound

    Back from the void!

    glad to see this resurrection of the old forums! Happy to be back. I recently went through a change of turntable set-up and greatly missed the advice and conversation from the old audioenz forum crew!
  14. championsound

    Beck - Morning Phase

    I ordered through Amazon too, still waiting but have the digital. Absolutely loving the album.
  15. championsound

    What are you listening to, right now? 2014

    Hey Luis, how are you liking the new Wild Beasts album? I got the digital release, and the two single releases (wanderlust and sweet spot) are still the standout moments but that might be recognition at this stage. liking it more than smother at a casual listen though.