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  1. Citroen

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    Indeed! Its all about balance. Personally, I think that an Ortofon Blue is out of balance with what you propose.
  2. Citroen

    New user

    Looks like a sweet system as is. Bet it sounds sweet too! What don't you like about it, that could be improved @Oliver_Persol?
  3. Citroen

    Integrated everything? Opinions wanted!

    I sort of agree with this. While the 740A (which I've owned) won't be getting the most out of the 414's, which are VERY capable speakers, my gut feeling is that if I had 9k to spend it wouldn't be solely on an amp. If you are keen on keeping the 414s, then I'd get something along the lines of the Rotel and upgrade the front end. Leaves plenty of money for something much better than the Blue. Or even a new TT....
  4. Citroen


    Yes gave him my ip address. Laptop works but discovered phone doesn't (using I think the same ip). Using another ip now and it doesn't work.
  5. Citroen


    Same here, all sorted now.
  6. Citroen


    @Marc its started doing this again forcing me to the NZ site when I try to visit the AU site. Can you please fix this for me?
  7. Tidal offer, ends Tuesday. Experience 3 months of TIDAL for $0.99. Cancel anytime before your 3-month period ends and no additional charges will apply, or keep listening for $14.99/month
  8. Citroen


    Thanks Marc, back on track at AU site now.
  9. Got some Senn Momentum 2 over ears for $199, but missed the on-ear deal for $67 from PB tech. Some sales still on 4 day Price Blackout.
  10. Citroen


    Just my personal opinion, but bad move Marc. Forcing NZ members of the AU site to this site is just annoying and short sighted. Effectively, you've banned NZ members from the Au site. Please send me the work around.
  11. Anyone remember the Peter Belt dot stickers? Little dots placed around the room said to enhance sound quality. "a long line of PWB accessories based on this and other of Peter Belt's discoveries, many of seemingly fanciful design: ointments (Electret Cream), stickers (Rainbow Electret Foil), and specially treated paper clips (Morphic Links) have been sold direct and through a handful of retailers, few bearing prices greater than £10 or £20 apiece. One of PWB Electronics' most recent accessories is a Morphic Link Magnetic Bookmark priced at £10, intended to be placed in the user's dictionary. Adjacent to the word link. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/peter-belt-1930-2017#2tsUQjhEQD2ZuGMQ.99" I'm yet to be convinced on power cables, or cable lifters. But I hear obvious differences in speaker and interconnect cables.
  12. Citroen


    Any news on this @Marc or has this fallen through? Link doesn't seem to work.
  13. Citroen

    Having to log I !

    John, You just need to select the "Remember Me" box and then you won't have to remember the login info! ;)
  14. Citroen

    WTB Dynavector P75

    http://totallywired.co.nz/specials.html $849, was $995
  15. Citroen

    An apology

    We've been waiting almost years. A few weeks is neither here or there! Keep up the good word Marc.