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    to sign up here. Hello to all - have finally got around-to-it. Although an MOT I've been an Audio enthusiast for a long time and live in the Audio wilderness called Hawke's Bay. I am essentially a (redundant ???) CD fan but can't deny Streaming makes things easy. As with Vinyl there's something extra involved with the 'ritual' of physical playback. I've been through many a System and various Formats but must say the Music 'Industry' is its own worst enemy ... it' all about the money - hence Remasters and re-issues in different Formats at higher prices. And then there was the change to Copyright laws ! However the good news is these days entry to 'good sounds' from gear itself is definitely more affordable to offset this. Particularly on the Headphone front where even a PC driven pair of half decent Phones can produce good quality sound. Having recently attended the Melbourne HiFi Show I hope sufficient interest can be generated in NZ for such an event. It will be a 1st I think as I can't ever remember one anywhere. I got around as much as poss and was able to listen to gear that we only see on a screen. One such visit of interest for example was the Vivid Audio room - stylish Speakers and sounds to match. Much smaller than I anticipated. With over 3000 visitors Audio is alive and well across the ditch. My Music interests are mainly Rock but over the years, probably starting with Joni, Stanley Clarke and Level 42 - Jazz influenced styles have crept in. Same with Blues, what we might call Folk and a small Country influence. Fusion styles help and I've found my Music tastes have changed/ been shaped over the years as I've crawled up the Audio ladder. Could just be old age though ! Anyway Forums are a great place to get opinions, find things out and swap experiences etc. Obviously AudioEnz expired and the Witchdoctor Forum died a death so this site deserves some support. It's extremely unlikely but if there's anyone out there that used to attend the HB Audio Club back in the 80's - hello. The 80's were considered an exciting time in Audio but now with the net providing so much info (free - instead of buying mags) and developments particularly on the Digital Music front it maybe more. Certainly more challenging getting to grips with things whereas things were much simpler back then. Cheers Ian
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    Anyone remember the Peter Belt dot stickers? Little dots placed around the room said to enhance sound quality. "a long line of PWB accessories based on this and other of Peter Belt's discoveries, many of seemingly fanciful design: ointments (Electret Cream), stickers (Rainbow Electret Foil), and specially treated paper clips (Morphic Links) have been sold direct and through a handful of retailers, few bearing prices greater than £10 or £20 apiece. One of PWB Electronics' most recent accessories is a Morphic Link Magnetic Bookmark priced at £10, intended to be placed in the user's dictionary. Adjacent to the word link. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/peter-belt-1930-2017#2tsUQjhEQD2ZuGMQ.99" I'm yet to be convinced on power cables, or cable lifters. But I hear obvious differences in speaker and interconnect cables.
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    Joined Up a while ago but have not spent much time on the forum. Proud owner of some classic New Zealand HiFi and some vintage form further afield. Aura TT with Dynavector +Dave Whittaker Arm Plinius Ref Monoblocks Have a number of DIY and restoration projects to complete first cab off the rank is plinth for Garrard 301. Next will be Tannoy horns as I inherited the jigs Dave W used to build the GRF autograph. Guidance on both much appreciated.
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    Hi. New here and joined to find out about bi-amping my Image 416's (ones with the side firing subs). I have tried it using 6th and 7th channel of my CA 651r and do think it has made a difference. I am not an audiophile and 90% of what I listen to is Spotify Premium downloaded to a SSD on a Win 10 NUC (7 series) and 3.5mm out to amp and just use stereo mode. Nothing wireless but control is with Spotify connect on Android. Anyway my 5.1 Image system is about 15 years old and the Rimu mains sit next to windows and were severely bleached and I could barely see the Rimu grain. They looked terrible. I emailed Chris Ball and he said he gets questioned about it a lot and there is not a lot you can do as the veneer is only 0.5mm thick and mentioned the harsh Kiwi UV. So I decided to give it a go. Removed all speakers, cover inserts etc then coated with Resene paint stripper and gently removed the lacquer with a plastic scraper. Then lightly wet sanded with 400 grit. Let dry and very lightly dry sanded with 400 grit, then wiped on some Briwax Rimu Dye (twice), then wiped on a sealer coat of poly, then sprayed on 3 coats of Bondall Marine Satin with a LVLP gun. Painted the speaker covers with Dupli-Color Fabric & Vinyl flat black. Looks 100% better but can still see the protected areas under the speaker covers.
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    Welcome to the board - a growing community To your point about collecting CDs - the similarity with vinyl and CD is they're both physical media. Time was, not so long ago, when you met someone and got invited to their house for the first time, you could check out their CD shelf and their bookshelf to size up what they read and listen to. These days not so easy! Other thing about physical media is I feel it is far better at acquainting the listener with the artist, since you are more likely to listen to a whole album, rather than creating a playlist with one from each artist. (To this point, my teenage kids sometimes wonder why I listen to 5 or 6 songs from one artist in a row!) Anyways welcome aboard.
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    I don't think any of that is your biggest concern when you are using Spotify as a lossy source to be honest. That is going to have more to do with your sound quality than your output device IMO.
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    Unless I'm reading it incorrectly, why don't you try this? Your weakest links are the analog output of your NUC, and Spotify's own resolution limitations. Give TIDAL's free trial a go and download the app to your NUC. Ensure the output resolution is set to "Hi-Fi". Connect the NUC via USB to your Topping DAC. This should yield you the best sound quality so far from the things you've tried IMO.
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    Tidal offer, ends Tuesday. Experience 3 months of TIDAL for $0.99. Cancel anytime before your 3-month period ends and no additional charges will apply, or keep listening for $14.99/month
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    Got some Senn Momentum 2 over ears for $199, but missed the on-ear deal for $67 from PB tech. Some sales still on 4 day Price Blackout.
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    Item: Kondo KSL-VzII XLR 1m pair Location: Auckland NZ Price: 1100 aud bank transfer or 1100 NZD PayPal . Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping Item Condition: excellent condition Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Full set with cert box and cable. Was originally From NZ distributer. Had issued loading photos. Pm if interested Pictures:
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    Thanks Candyflip. Neil - I did not know this - is there a contact somewhere ? On the AudioEnz site a few years back I was sad to hear Andrew Clark (Reviewer for the old Audio Video mag) was no longer with us. Andrew was a stalwart back then at the Club. I don't think it's happening here but o/seas there is a real resurgence in Reel to Reel both for enthusiasts and recording purposes. This is a bit hard to understand really given hype for HiRes etc. - perfect for Vinyl though. Here's one product that's getting attention along with others from Metaxus. Have to say essence of cool from them.
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    20% off ALL vinyl at JB Hi Fi until Monday. https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/features/black-friday/
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    Up to 75% off from Online HiFi. https://onlinehifi.co.nz/black-friday/
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    C'mon guys, sounds like a great GTG and day out!
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    It's extremely unlikely but if there's anyone out there that used to attend the HB Audio Club back in the 80's - hello. Hi Ian. There's still a few of us left and the club's still ticking along! Neil
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    I agree CD is the next collectable, and I really don't see it going away in the short term, due to a lack of better alternatives. I love vinyl, and the collect-ability, smell, feel, touch and sound quality of it. But there is no doubt that CD is a more convenient medium, and can sound as good or better if handled right. Never been a better time to buy CD's, on the crest of the popularity of vinyl (again). It's got to be near bottom now for s/hand prices, unless the whole format is actually deep-sixed in favour of something else, in which case it'll be just thrown away and worth nothing. Anyway - welcome Ian!
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    Indeed Wgtn was ground zero (although maybe biased as was my home town). HFA is virtually unknown but an example. Can't remember his last name but Daryl was one of 3 partners from memory and ran Absolute Sound first from his home in Paremata. Bought my 1st H-E Speakers (Maggies - still have them) from him. He was Pres of the Audio Club at the time and HFA made Valve and Hybrid Amps. I was about to buy their 1st Hybrid power Amp but it blew up one night when auditioning - hot water cylinders used to get turned on by reversing polarity briefly. So bought their modified Hafler DH200 instead. System was car money back then - friends thought I was nuts.
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    Welcome along. If you've got any questions about vacuum tube stuff in particular, feel free to fling them my way... and yeah some of the old-school gear from the 70s and 80s has a certain unmistakable aesthetic. Seems there's a few of us around the Wellington area.
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    Hi all DISSCLAMER Now i have no intent to offend anyone reading this after all every one is intitled to there own opinion. Have you ever seen a audio product that is just stupid well i have so i decided to start a post about it. from rocks that sit on your cables that they say "inproved sound" to things like high end audiophile grounding boxes what have you seen that you think is silly and what do you class as audiophool gear? Thanks Bruno
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    welcome ! back in the '80s wellington was ground zero for some very accomplished hi-fi companies - craft audio, hfa, mclaren, mega. most of the company prinicpals are still around, some still involved in audio. have you heard of the wellington audio club ? there may be members who share your interests. https://wellingtonaudioclub.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/WELLINGTON-AUDIO-CLUB-111934772153124/
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    Cables - it's gotta be cables. Specifically, POWER cables. no no no..... 👺
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    https://www.listeningpost.co.nz/Products/Cables-Interconnects-Leads/Digital-Interconnects/Coaxial-Cables/Nordost-Odin-2-Reference-Digital-Interconnect-__I.114423__C.191965__N.27756 $15,000 Digital!!!! Interconnect. That's even less sense than a silly money analogue cable - think i'd want solid gold core for that money.
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    It's a hipster special! Matches that Parker sideboard etc.
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